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Chige Premium Tea Infuser Extra Fine Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Mesh Strainer with Large Capacity & Perfect Size Double Handles for Hanging on Teapots (Monkey) by Chige

  • 4 ) PERFECT GIFT FOR TEA LOVERS: Our unique tea strainer comes in a...
  • 1 ) ULTRA-FINE QUALITY, UNBEATABLE PRICE: Looking for the ultimate...
  • 5 ) GUARANTEED GOODNESS EVERY TIME: We back up our reusable tea...


Product Description

Our Stainless Steel Tea Infuser makes it quick and easy to steep a fresh, more distinct and flavorful cup of loose leaf tea with the same ease and convenience as using store-bought tea bags.

Simply squeeze the spring-action handle to open the snap ball.

Fill the ball halfway (about 2-teaspoons) with loose tea to allow the tea leaves room to fully expand.

Place the infuser, ball end down, into the cup and pour in hot water.

Steep no less than 3 minutes to release the naturally occurring essential oils in tea and maximize the infusion with aroma and flavor.

Once desired brew strength is achieved, remove the Infuser from the cup and discard the used tea leaves.

Great for making mulled cider, too.

Just fill the Infuser with mulling spices instead of tea.

Made from 18/8 stainless steel, HIC's Mesh Snap Ball Tea Infuser is reusable and more economical than using store-bought or single-use disposable tea bags.

Compact to store away easily. Easy to fill and empty.

Just rinse clean or pop it in the dishwasher.

Porcelain Indian Monkey Teapot 30 Ounces by BigKitchen

  • Porcelain
  • Comfortable handle, fun design
  • Hand wash recommended


Product Description

This beautiful porcelain teapot is crafted in the shape of a monkey, with the tail serving as a comfortable handle. The locking lid prevents spilling, and features an Indian-style bulb as a handle.

10" L x 4-1/2" W x 8" H, with a capacity of 30 ounces

Monkey in the teapot

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Melody House Rockin' Rhyme & Good Ol' Times CD by

Let us help you Rock The Day Away with our fun educational music as well as other unique and exciting products that are sure to be a Big Hit in your classroom or living room. Our very own Monkey Mitt Storytelling Sets will take your song or story time to the next level. Dr. Jean CD s and Resource Books contain easy-to-learn tunes and ideas perfect for any early childhood setting and cover a multitude of curriculum areas. Award winning children s songwriter and performer Stephen Fite is constantly creating fun learning and movement tunes for you and your kids. Be sure to boogie on over to his Tour Calendar to find out where he ll be bringing his far-out concert It s Groovy Great To Educate. This year s tour is gonna be out of sight! With the help of a little rhythm rock and movement you ll have fun introducing these classic Songs and Nursery Rhymes to a whole new generation. Song Titles:. 1. The Wheels On The Bus. 2. Coming Round The Mountain. 3. I ve Been Working On The Railroad. 4. Old MacDonald. 5. Bingo. 6. Home On The Range. 7. My Bonnie. 8. Skip To My Lou. 9. Farmer In The Dell. 10. Mulberry Bush. 11. Frog Went a Courting. 12. Humpty Dumpty. 13. Jack and Jill. 14. Hickory Dickory Dock. 15. Hey Diddle Diddle. 16. Little Boy Blue. 17. Muffin Man. 18. Little Miss Muffett. 19. Baa Baa Black Sheep. 20. Jack Be Nimble. 21. Little Jack Horner. 22. Mary Had A Little Lamb. 23. I m A Little Teapot. 24. London Bridge. 25. Twinkle Twinkle. 26. Itsy Bitsy Spider. 27. Yankee Doodle. 28. Three Little Kittens.


20/ A British playwright, a monkey for President, and a play with a missing leading man…

The second production might have caught me fast asleep but I was ready for the third. In this I was aided by a complex set of circumstances. Circumstance No 1: British playwright, Donald Howarth, was in South Africa on a exploratory visit. Even better, he had come to Cape Town. He had seen both Statements and People, as well as the Sunday night production by Serpent Players – the Port Elizabeth group that had been working with Athol – of their incendiary version of Camus’ The Just , which, with typical flamboyant... Donald was about as perfect an example of an English eccentric as you could find. Yvonne and I had met him in London during the Boesman and Lena run at the Royal Court. He was one of the playwrights from the early decades of this extraordinary theatre, led by the visionary, George Devine. Other writers included Christopher Hampton, Howard Brenton, John Arden, David Hare, David Storey, Joe Orton, Ann Jellicoe, Wole Soyinka, David Edgar, Sam Shepard and Mary O’ Malley. Among plays such as Saved by Edward Bond, The Philanthropist by Christopher Hampton, The Kitchen by Arnold Wesker, The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O’ Brien and Owners by Caryl Churchill, Donald contributed his first play, Sugar in the Morning ,... Mavis Taylor had done a production of A Lily in Little India at the Little Theatre. This tall, gangly man with a constant twinkle, cast his observant eyes over the South African situation and came up with a play. The idea of the play was immediately intriguing. As we weren’t allowed to cast any Black actors in our plays, what would happen if you tried to do Othello. Black-face productions abounded all over the world. Donald’s solution. A great play turned into a wonderful satire. It came with many problems. Not least the size of the cast. Circumstance No 2: 18 actors. We were a small, new, semi-broke theatre already hovering constantly on the verge of financial disaster. But in those days I was possessed of a slightly demonic chutzpah. And surrounded by people who shared this disease. I can’t remember now how we managed to recruit the incredibly high-class cast that we did. Surrounding the professionals like Yvonne and Keith Grenville and Limpie Basson – marvelous actors making the first of many appearances for us – were regular company members, Val Donald, Paul Slabolepszy, Ben Dekker, John Kennedy, Charles Kidd,... I was bemoaning my inability to find the large cast one day as he laid out my tea in its silver teapot with the little green felt, hand-sewn triangles to protect your fingers from the heat. ‘I’ve done some amateur acting. Four weeks later, probably to his intense chagrin, he was onstage at The Space in his slightly-worn costume as one of the Lords. Ah, the costumes…. Circumstance No 3: As I have mentioned, our budgets for sets and costumes were close to Nil. I came up against my second experience of one of Donald’s major character traits – pigheadedness. I am stubborn, but up against Donald I was but a rank amateur. He had been in Johannesburg before buying a battered old Mercedes Benz and braving the 960 mile trip to Cape Town. There he had met as many of the theatricals as he could, seen many shows. One was some PACT Shakespeare or other. ‘They’ve got all the costumes we need. I can get them to give them to us for a knock-down price. PACT’s idea of ‘ knock-down’ and mine were unlikely to agree. I went to the Fount of All Costume Wisdom, the wonderful Helen Rooza at the Little Theatre. She had helped us before, in small ways, and would continue to help us until we wrecked some of her precious costumes, when she withdrew all hospitality. Unfortunately, even for Helen, this was too large a task. I begged all the amateur companies for whom I had done. Source: Theatre of Survival

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Free Ebay Sniping RT↺ Chinese Porcelain Copper Handwork Pixiu & Monkey Teapot & Lid ↺Please Favorite & Share 07/25/15, @youbidderrobert
Ebay Snipe RT↺ Chinese Porcelain Copper Handwork Pixiu & Monkey Teapot & Lid ↺Please Favorite & Share 07/25/15, @youbidderrobert
Ebay Snipe RT↺ Silver Dragon Monkey Cover Glass Ceramic Teapot In Ancient China ↺Please Favorite & Share 07/22/15, @youbidderclara


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Girl monkey cupcakes
Girl monkey cupcakes
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Swayambhunath, also known as Monkey Temple
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And then the monkey said...
Two pieces of pottery crafted by my daughter as part of her zoo series.
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majolica monkey teapot majolica monkey teapot is from the minton
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19th Century Minton Majolica Monkey Teapot
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