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Tea Serving Moroccan Serving Tea Pot Handmade Silver Platted Kettle Single Serving Small by Tea Serving & Glasses

  • High quality silver platted Serving tea pot small
  • Perfect for single serving for hot tea or coffee 8 oz
  • Hand made and hand carved in Fez, Morocco


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Hand made tea pot in the region of Fez, Morocco. Traditional tea pot to serve mint tea or any other flavored tea .Goose-neck spout, heat resistant handle, and decorative stands are also some of the notable features that make this Fez Teapot stand out from the rest. Serve 8 oz . For normal cleaning, hot or warm water with household detergent , soft sponge or cloth is adequate . Not recommended for use in dishwasher.

Casablanca Market Moroccan Teapot, Large, Silver by Casablanca Market

  • Engraved in Traditional Motifs
  • Impromptu votive candle holder
  • Can be used as a tea, wine, water, or juice glass



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This is the classic Moroccan teapot handmade of silver plated brass and engraved in traditional motifs.

Moroccan Tea Glasses

Moroccan Tea Glasses . . . . . . . Moroccan Tea Glasses - Maroque www. p=00450&n=all A wide selection of traditional Moroccan tea.

Marco, Marruecos, Morocco

Hello my friends, we meet again. Wow, it's been a crazy couple of weeks. I've been going to classes everyday, and traveling MUCHO on the weekends. Valencia was last weekend. I've already uploaded pictures on Facebook. I don't really have much to say about Valencia because it's just been too long and it's not very fresh on my brain. It's a shame, too, because it was such a beautiful city. <3 I got a really nice sun burn which has turned into the most beautiful bronzey shade. :) This I am happy about. So since I can't remember much of Valencia. I will post a couple of photos here and then I will move onto Morocco--because so far, it's been my favorite, and to be quite fair--- there's not much to say about Morocco besides this: It's beautiful in the photographs, but the pictures don't do... I also wish I had more time, to wander off, to explore, to take more raw pictures of the way these people were living, so that you could see the poverty in this third world country. That's one thing that I have really seen so much of since I have been here-- real poverty. Back where I am from I am very sheltered of the reality of going without. Some of these people here were literally living like they did in the movie Slum Dog Millionaire, but there was so much history in this place, and so much dedication to a religion that I don't really know much about, besides hatred, and fear, but... There was one time on the trip when we literally passed (by bus) an entire mountain side littered with plastic bags. I thought maybe for decoration because there were SOOO many of them. Thousands, maybe millions scattered about, stuck in the brush---and all you can wonder is--why. The guides didn't have answers and I imagine it's something like---just because. Our hotel was really nice, pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but the schedule of the tour stayed relatively close to the times we were supposed to be here and there. The tour guides were very sweet and funny. One of which I thought was guapisimo, but I won't go into detail here. We also had a Moroccan guide, and a guide in the city of Chefchauen. Pictures to drop later. I wasn't impressed with the food, but I'm very hard to please. I think I might be a food snob. Some of the meat tasted off to me, as did a lot of things. I was never shouted at or spit on. I found it to be quite the contrary, people were all very welcoming and friendly. Oh and for the record, I SUCK at bartering or whatever that b word is. I am actually really really bad at it. So here's to hoping the man I marry is really good at bargaining in the streets of large cities. The scarf you sea in the photos : 9 euros. I was also asked to find a pin for my friend and a tea pot of silver for my professor. I found the teapot, bought it for 26. 50 (euro)-- when I could have gotten it for lower (15-20). Then couldn't find the pin all together. My friends, if you ever want someone to barter for something for you-- I AM NOT YOUR GIRL--- Promise. You will not get any of your money back, you will infact probably owe me money in the end. We rode camels by the sea, after which our tour guide asked. "Well guys, did enjoy your ride -- camel. " --- mixing up the words ride and camel. I am taking a free-writing descanso to break the monotony. Of course, these photos and these blogs are tangible evidence that I once was here. That this place was my home for a time. That my footsteps have walked in these places and seen these wonders. I look around me sometimes and I take a deep breath smelling the air and I think to myself, how lucky are you. 4 years ago you hated your life, the direction you were headed, and you couldn't stop thinking about all of the terrible things you had done or thought you would do. Here I am today in Spain, typing this, 4 years sober (on the 10th of July)-- and... Thank you universe, for swallowing me up and spitting me back out, new,. Source: An Endless Adventure

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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at 08/04/15, @wasicoucou2



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  • Tea in Morocco: ‘It’s in the blood’

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    Once she tasted the perfect balance of strength, sweetness and mintiness, she held the silver teapot high and poured ... they are not simply dumped into the teapot and steeped. The preparation of mint tea in Morocco involves ritual. Patient and measured ...

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2032:moroccan silver teapot 3 sizes

Silver plated Moroccan teapot traditional design The Moroccan teapot is considered to be a symbol of the Moroccan way of life This traditional style

Vintage Moroccan Silver Teapot - French Moroccan decor ...

Classic aged Moroccan silver plated teapot. Handcrafted in Morocco. Our gently vintage Moroccan teapots come from the older areas of the brass market of Marrakesh and ...

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Moroccan Teaset
Moroccan Teaset
Moroccan Tea Culture Tea occupies a very important place in Moroccan culture and is considered an art form. Maghrebi mint tea is a green tea with mint leaves. It is commonly served all through North Africa, not only at mealtimes but all through the day. It especially a drink of hospitality, and is served whenever there are guests. Preparation 1.In a teapot, combine two teaspoons of tea-leaf (eg Chinese gunpowder tea) with half a litre of boiling water. Allow it to steep for at least fifteen minutes. 2.Without stirring, filter the mixture into a different stainless steel pot, so that the tea leaves and coarse powder are removed. 3.Add sugar (about one teaspoon per 100 millilitres). Bring to boil over a medium heat. This important step in the preparation process allows the sugar to undergo hydrolysis, giving the tea its distinctive taste. 4.Return to the teapot. Pour the tea from the teapot into the cup from a distance to produce a foam on the tea. 5.If desired, add fresh mint leaves...
Photo by Theen ... on Flickr
Moroccan mint tea
Moroccan mint tea
Photo by demare.thibaut on Flickr
Moroccan Silver Teapot
Moroccan Silver Teapot
Casablanca, Morocco
Photo by henskechristine on Flickr
Moroccan Silver Teapot by Skye Hohmann
Moroccan Silver Teapot by Skye Hohmann
Image by
Vintage Moroccan Silver Teapot
Vintage Moroccan Silver Teapot
Image by
Moroccan silver teapot arabic
Moroccan silver teapot arabic