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Mrs. Tea for Two Hot Tea maker 15 oz by Mr. Coffee

  • --Hot Tea Maker 15 ounce capacity
  • --Fresh Brewed Tea in Minutes!
  • -Compact Design


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Enjoying a cup of hot tea is a special, relaxing experience. Mrs. Tea for Two Hot Tea Maker is designed with unique features that make brewing and serving a flavorful pot of hot tea as effortless as possible. Swing-out steeping basket allows for easy cleaning. --Warmer plate preheats ceramic teapot and maintains ideal serving temperature. --Three cups ceramic pot makes an attractive serving piece. --Lighted switch indicates when unit is on.

Mrs. Potts & Chip - Disney's Beauty and the Beast (2017 Film) - Advanced Graphics Life Size Cardboard Standup by Advanced Graphics

  • HUGE SELECTION: Perfect For Children's Birthday Parties, Special...
  • STANDUP SPECIFICS: Weight: 2.0 lbs; Dimensions: 45"W x 27"H (Depth:...
  • MADE IN AMERICA: Proudly Manufactured In The U.S.A. HIGH QUALITY:...


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This is a lifesize cardboard cutout of Mrs. Potts and Chip from Disney's Live Action Beauty and the Beast. Mrs. Potts is the castle's head of the kitchen who has been transformed into a teapot by a terrible spell, along with her son Chip who has been changed into a teacup. Recapture the magic of this "tale as old as time" with this enchanting cardboard standup. Perfect for parties, photo ops and Disney fans of all ages. Size: 27" x 45". How to Set Up Your Standup: 1. Unfold standup and easel.  Lay standup face down on a clean, flat surface. 2. Fold easel up along the long vertical crease that runs the length of the standup. 3. Lift upper and lower tab to lock easel in place. 4. Attach upper tab to top of easel. About Advanced Graphics:  Since 1984, Advanced Graphics has been committed to producing the highest quality Cardboard Standups and Custom Prints in the world. We are the worldwide industry leader in the licensing and distribution of Cardboard Standups. We are also the #1 source for Licensed and Custom cardboard standups in the industry. Our goal is to provide the highest quality prints to our customers. We put our customers first and will continue to provide the best customer service to those who keep us in business.

I'm A Little Teapot | Nursery Rhymes | Popular Nursery Rhymes | HooplaKidz

Check out our Wheels on the Bus Song http://vid. io/xqXs To watch all popular nursery rhymes, click here http://bit.

Read an exclusive excerpt from new Sherlock Holmes novel, Art in the Blood - Entertainment Weekly (blog)

July 17, marks the release date of Mr. Holmes , a new Sherlock Holmes film starring Sir Ian McKellen. Because we, like the rest of the pop culture universe (not to mention the legions of fans of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock ), can’t get enough of the iconic detective, EW presents an exclusive extract from Bonnie MacBird’s forthcoming Sherlock... Art in The Blood by Bonnie MacBird. During the Olympic summer of 2012, while researching some Victorian medical information at the Wellcome Library, I chanced upon a discovery so astounding that it completely altered my course. Untying the largest, a treatise on the usage of cocaine, I discovered a thick sheaf of folded and yellowed papers had been tied to the back. I opened the pages carefully and spread them before me. The handwriting was strangely familiar. Was I seeing clearly. I turned back the cover of the book. on the title page, in faded ink, was inscribed the original owner’s name: Dr. John H. Watson. And there, on these crumbling sheets of paper, was an unpublished, full-length adventure written by this same Dr. Watson – featuring his friend, Sherlock Holmes. I can only surmise that it is because the story, longer and perhaps more detailed than most, reveals a certain vulnerability in his friend’s character which might have endangered Holmes by its publication during their active years. Or perhaps Holmes, upon reading it, simply forbade its publication. A third possibility, of course, is that Dr. Watson absentmindedly folded up his manuscript and, for unknown reasons, tied it to the back of this book. He then either lost or forgot about it. And so I share this tale with you, but with the following caveat. Over time, perhaps from moisture and fading, a number of passages have become unreadable, and I have endeavoured to reconstruct what seemed to be missing from them. If there are any mistakes of style or historical inaccuracies, please ascribe these to my inability to fill in places where the writing had become indecipherable. I hope you share my enthusiasm. As Nicholas Meyer, discoverer of The Seven-Per-Cent Solution , The West End Horror , and The Canary Trainer said recently for himself, and all fellow lovers of Conan Doyle — ‘We can never get enough. Perhaps there are more stories yet to be found. Meanwhile, sit down by the fire now, and draw near for just one more. “I’ve got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom. I have been loath to write in detail about Holmes’s artistic nature, lest it reveal a vulnerability in him that could place him in danger. It is well known that in exchange for visionary powers, artists often suffer with extreme sensitivity and violent changeability of temperament. A philosophical crisis, or simply the boredom of inactivity, could send Holmes spinning into a paralysed gloom from which I could not retrieve him. It was in such a state that I discovered my friend in late November of 1888. London was blanketed with snow, the city still reeling from the extended horror of the Ripper murders. But at that moment, violent crime was not my concern. Married earlier that year to Mary Morstan, I was ensconced in a nest of comfortable domesticity, living at some distance from the rooms I had formerly shared with Holmes in Baker Street. One late afternoon found me reading contentedly by the fire when a note arrived by breathless messenger. Opening it, I read: ‘Dr. Watson — he has set 221B on fire. In seconds I was hurtling through the streets in a cab towards Baker Street. As we tore around a corner, I could feel the wheels slipping in the mounding snow, and the cab lurched dangerously. ‘Faster, man. We skidded into Baker Street and I saw the fire wagon and several men leaving our building. I leaped from the cab and ran to the door. ‘The fire,’ I cried. The landlady is fine. The gentleman, I ain’t so sure. The fire captain pushed him aside and took his place. ‘Do you know the man who lives here. ’ he asked. ‘Yes, quite well. I am his friend. ’ The captain eyed me curiously. ‘Then get in there and see to the. Source:

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  • Read an exclusive excerpt from new Sherlock Holmes novel, Art in the Blood

    July 17, marks the release date of Mr. Holmes, a new Sherlock Holmes film starring Sir Ian McKellen. Because we, like the rest of the pop culture universe (not to mention the legions of fans of Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock), can't get enough of the

  • THEATER FOR KIDS: 'Beauty and the Beast' in Orleans

    07/10/15 ,via Wicked Local Brewster

    As the large teapot, Mrs. Potts, Mackenzie Baker, is superb when singing “Beauty and the Beast.” The flamboyant candlestick Lumiere, the tightly wound clock Cogsworth, the flirting feather duster Babette and the kind-hearted wardrobe Madame Grande 

  • Emma Thompson cast as Mrs Potts in Beauty and the Beast

    03/17/15 ,via

    Emma Thompson and Kevin Kline are the latest stars to join the cast list of Disney's live action version of Beauty and the Beast. Thompson will play Mrs Potts, who was an anthropomorphised teapot played by Angela Lansbury in the 1991 animation, the 


Beauty and the Beast Teapot Mug Mrs. Potts Chip Tea Pot and Cup set Disney Japan 07/16/15, @iamgod1957
RT @MyMoviesSA: ICYMI: Emma Thompson to play motherly teapot Mrs Potts alongside @EmWatson on Beauty and the Beast movie. 07/15/15, @ZenHQ
ICYMI: Emma Thompson to play motherly teapot Mrs Potts alongside @EmWatson on Beauty and the Beast movie. 07/15/15, @MyMoviesSA


  • Mrs. Geraldine's Ground Beef Casserole

    pasta, green pepper, brown sugar, celery, cream of mushroom soup, ground beef, mushroom, onions, salt, cheddar cheese, tomato sauce, tomato, worcestershire sauce

  • Mrs. Fields Cookie Recipe II

    baking powder, baking soda, brown sugar, butter, chocolate, eggs, flour, rolled oat, salt, semisweet chocolate chips, vanilla extract, walnut, sugar


  • The Further Adventures of Mrs Trimble's Magic Teapot. ISBN: 9781291327427,1291327428.
  • The Snooty Teapot+Mr. & Mrs. Robin`S Nest

    D C Books. 2007. ISBN: 8126416734,9788126416738. 32 pages.

    The Snooty Teapot Soon after Blackie the wok had settled into his new home a new member arrives a teapot made of fine china. Her chiselled features and noble ancestry give her a superior attitude that doe not last forever. Mr. and Mrs. Robin's Nest Blackie can be nosy but in a nice sort of way. He goes out of his way to find a safe haven for Mr. and Mrs. Robin and their young family.

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  • THEATER FOR KIDS: ‘Beauty and the Beast' in Orleans

    07/10/15 ,via

    In his enchanted castle, he is surrounded by his former servants, who have also come under a spell. As the large teapot, Mrs. Potts, Mackenzie Baker, is superb when singing “Beauty and the Beast.” The flamboyant candlestick Lumiere, the tightly wound ...

  • Teapot garden still growing

    07/15/15 ,via Otago Daily Times

    Forget garden gnomes. Owaka couple Judith and Graham Renwick have a garden full of teapots. Mrs Renwick said the garden was started by Mr Renwick three years ago, when "he just decided he wanted a bit of a hobby," and had been steadily growing ever since.

  • El Toro students shape teapots and skills

    03/25/15 ,via Orange County Register

    “I love watching their faces light up when they achieve their goal.” Senior Damaris Magallanes constructed a teapot resembling the character of Mrs. Potts from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” “Making my idea come to life and seeing it as more ...

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Mr. & Mrs.
Mr. & Mrs.
These are some of my favorite Christmas/winter decorations!
Photo by SurFeRGiRL30 on Flickr
Small Coffee Pot LACMA 55.32.10a-b
Small Coffee Pot LACMA 55.32.10a-b
Wikimedia Commons image page Description Title Small Coffee Pot Description : Germany, circa 1760 : Furnishings; Serviceware : Porcelain with enamel and gilding : Gift of Mrs. Alfred Stiassni (55.32.10a-b) : [http: // Decorative Arts and Design] Accession number 55.32.10a-b Artist Meissen Porcelain Manufactory (Germany, Meissen, founded 1710) Date Circa 1760 Dimensions Height with cover- 6 1/4 in. (15.88 cm); Diameter- 3 in. (7.62 cm) Source *Image: http: // *Gallery: http: // Institution {{Institution: Los Angeles County Museum of Art}} Permission License Public domain LACMA Decorative Arts and Design in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Images from LACMA uploaded by Fæ Images from LACMA uploaded by Fæ (check needed) Decorative Arts from Germany in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Serviceware...
Photo by on Flickr
Teapots 001 Jill Barklem Brambly Hedge
Teapots 001 Jill Barklem Brambly Hedge
They found Mr. Apple in the kitchen drinking mint tea with Mrs. Crustybread © Clicksmith Shutter ® To use this image please contact me via flickr mail Licence Attribution non commercial share alike including editorial with attribution No property release is available for this image
Photo by Clicksmith Shutter on Flickr
mrs potts teapot
mrs potts teapot
Mrs. Potts Teapot Treasure Craft Disney
Mrs. Potts Teapot Treasure Craft Disney
Image by