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NeilMed Nasaflo Porcelain Neti Pot, 50 Count by NeilMed

  • Contains educational brochure
  • 50 regular premixed packets of pH balanced usp grade sodium...
  • Natural ingredients, isotonic, preservative and iodine free



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NeilMed Nasaflo Porcelain Neti Pot, 8 Ounce

HailiCare 500ml Nasal Rinsing Nose Wash System Neti Pot for Allergic Rhinitis by HailiCare

  • ★ PACKAGE INCLUDE: 1 x Adult Nozzle, 1 x Children Nozzle,1 x 500ml...
  • ★ KINDLY TIP: Do not wash the device under running water like the...
  • ★ A PRACTICAL PRODUCT: Gently removes dirt, pollen, mold, dust,...


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Package Including:

1 × Nasal wash bottle (500ml/17oz)

2 × Nozzle(1 adult, 1child)

PS: Not included Nasal Rinse Mix (Salt)!

How to use:

Step 1: Wash your hands. Fill the clean bottle up to the fill line (500ml) with lukewarm distilled water or previously boiled water.

Step 2: Cut the Nasal Wash Salt pour its contents into the bottle. Tighten the cap & tube on the bottle securely.

Place one finger over the tip of the cap and shake the bottle gently to dissolve the mixture.

Step 3: Standing in front of a sink, bend forward to your comfort level and tilt your head down. Keeping your mouth open and without holding your breath,

place cap snugly against your right nostril and Squeeze Bottle Gently until the solution starts draining from the Opposite nostril or from your mouth.

Step 4: Blow your nose gently, without pinching your nose completely because this will apply pressure on the eardrums.

Step 5: Now repeat steps 3 & 4 for your left nostril.


1. DO NOT RINSE if nasal passage is completely blocked or if you have an ear infection or blocked ears.

2. Never put in boiling water to damage the bottle. No higher than 60℃.

3. If you have had ear surgery, please contact your physician prior to irrigation.

4. Do not rinse if your nasal passage is completely blocked.

5. We recommend that parents use this product only on children who are above 12.

If your child is less than twelve years old, you should consult your child's physician before using this product.

6. Rinsing your nasal passages with only PLAIN WATER will result in a severe burning sensation. Please do not rinse with plain water

People Try A Neti Pot For The First Time

Shove this tea pot up your nose and call me in the morning. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue videos. http://bit.

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    The NetiPot is a product that can be purchased at most drugstores and comes with a plastic or ceramic teapot-styled device and small packages of saline solution. NetiPot users are instructed to use only distilled water to protect their sinuses and

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    Using a small teapot-like device to pour salt water through your nasal passages may seem strange at first but once your mother-in-law has done it once or twice, she will find that it becomes a simple daily routine. The practice of Jala neti is best

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    A hot shower or breathing the steam from a teapot might open airways and ease symptoms. Neti Pot. Many allergy sufferers get relief from this simple method to flush nasal passages and clear out the sinuses. Acupuncture. It's worth a try especially if


@NattyGov Good plan. Check out the saline nasal douche/teapot thingies too. That'll be fun :) 08/23/15, @andrevr


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  • Natural Remedies for Sinus Problems

    08/03/15 ,via

    A neti pot cleanses the sinuses and nasal passageways. The pot, similar to a teapot, is filled with warm saline solution. A homemade saline solution is created by mixing about ½ tsp. table salt with a cup of warm water. To use it, the person stands over a ...

  • Neti pots for sinus and allergy relief can be safe with proper precautions and use

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    Neti pots are small devices, often ceramic and teapot-shaped, that are filled with a saline (salt water) solution and held up to one nostril. In an interview with dailyRx News ... when introduced straight into the nasal passages. "Tap water is not the ...

  • Neti pots going mainstream, by a nose

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    For the uninitiated, a neti pot — sometimes referred to as a nasal irrigation pot — looks like a little teapot, only shorter if not stouter. The user puts a water-and-salt solution in the pot, tilts his or head over a basin and inserts the spout into ...

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Things i found at the kim wang supermarket (part 1)
Things i found at the kim wang supermarket (part 1)
I was at the kim wang supermarket in central market today buying a teapot and came across these in the cracker/confectionary section. The ingredients are listed as haw, sugar and edibility dye (which raises some questions, but I'll leave the poor translators alone). First of all, what in blazes is haw? For all i know, it could be monkey nasal secretion (unlikely, but possible) or some random chinese herb (more likely). Second, am i going to die if i eat them? I've been lucky with my forays into random asian confectionary so far, and have discovered some awesome things, but i worry about ingredients that include things i've never heard of. Random chemicals i can handle, but unknown natural substances are a little trickier.
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The Decade of She
The Decade of She
Nasal Irrigation
Nasal Irrigation

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