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Bits and Pieces - Tea For One Owls Porcelain Teapot and Cup - Adorable Owl Design by Bits and Pieces

  • Comes with teapot and lid and large teacup.
  • Comes in a complementary printed gift box for the ultimate...
  • Adorable owl design has a delicate tassel on the teapot handle.


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Our porcelain teapot and cup combination is the perfect gift for any tea lover. Comes with teapot and lid and large teacup. Adorable owl design has a delicate tassel on the teapot handle. Comes in a complementary printed gift box for the ultimate presentation. Approximately 4" in diameter x 5-1/2" tall. Hand wash.

Delton Products Porcelain Tea for One with Decorative Gift Box, Owls by Delton

  • Made of porcelain
  • Matching keepsake gift box included
  • Tea pot measures approx. 6 inch tall


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Fun bohemian Owl design carries around on all sides. Set comes apart so the top half is a tea pot, while the bottom half is a tea cup (4.25" wide x 2.25" deep). Indulge in a cozy cup of tea for one. Includes sturdy decorative gift box (5.5" x 6"). Perfect gift for coffee or tea lovers for Mother's Day, Birthdays, Get Well Gift, Housewarming, Hostess Gift.


Harry Potter 2013 Potter Owl Tea Pot

Harry potter owl tea pot review.

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Handcrafted Model Ships K-0758-Bronze 8 in. Cast Iron Owl Trivet, Antique Seaworn Bronze by Rakuten.com

This antique seaworn bronze cast iron owl trivet 8" is a fun trivet that brightens any kitchen setting. Available in different styles, let the magic come to you. Features Handcrafted from cast iron Excellent teapot decoration Will lie perfect on flat surfaces Specifications Color: Antique seaworn bronze Size: 8 In. Material: Cast iron Weight: 5


elevation // year of the ninja

I feel like I've been all over the place (I haven't really) but the nomad in me had it's fix for a little bit back there. I spent two weeks in St. George working at Elevation (stay tuned bc that's what all this post is about if I ever get to it), a week in California with potential (my truest homies), a few days in Moab with my church (s/o to my ward for being extra... I packed up probably all of my belongings because I procrastinated packing (literally to the very last half hour) and thought to myself, "If I take everything I won't forget anything. I forgot wet wipes, who forgets wet wipes, honestly. Frantically threw everything into the back of my dads truck and he so graciously drove me to my sisters house an hour of so away. We baked sweet potato fries and sat on the kitchen floor, the best nights right. I love Masina, and what is better than taking a six hour drive with the people that you friggin love amrite. The drive literally flashed by in a jiffy, those are the best kinds of road trips. When you're having to much of a good time to feel the tug of the hours as they tick by. The best. BUT I ALSO LOVE RACHEL. Rachel is rad because she let me crash at her house and ran me around with her expert driving skills, and fed me food, truly a saint. Got to Rachel's house where we hung out in her hipster attic room and helped her study for her midterm. THEN AUTUMN AND MADDIE SHOWED UP. We cruised around the grocery store in one of those electric carts like a bunch of teenagers. Then we made food and made weird videos on Autumns phone. Always feel so at home whenever I'm with these people. Rachel literally lives like 5 minutes from the St. George Temple, such a beautiful temple. Let's also not forget that the chapel smelled like old people, perks of living in an old neighborhood. After church, SANNEKE SHOWED UP. I LOVE SANNEKE. We got all ready to head out to the canyon for the week, and Autumn blessed us with her mad driving skills and drove us to the canyon in her MuMu. Elevation is the rad outdoor leadership camp with the amazing online liberal arts school, Williamsburg Academy, that I was so lucky to attend for most of high school. I've gone three times as a student, and this year, I was so ridiculously lucky to go as a trail guide. (TRAIL GUIDE. ) It was hands down the best experience ever. )) I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to be reunited with the mentors and other trail guides, (like JULIA. We did orientation, walls (actually such an incredible experience doing it with the mentors), set up camp, and were overall just so happy to be together in the canyon. Let me tell you about my pod, Pod Four. There was just something so weird about us. For starters, our pod name was, "Here at Pod Four, we're better than you, and we know it. " said while we tilted out heads and then ended in a loud roar. Hailstone was the mentor (nicknamed papa bear) and I was the trail guide (nicknamed goldilocks). We were such an odd bunch but in the best kind of way, we all goofed off and meshed E-Ninja trip. The E-Ninja trip was the BEST. We had a huge group so we did repelling at Dixie Rock and did a repel rescue simulation where I was the one being rescued. Let me just say, I make an excellent unconscious person, not to brag or anything, but my leg and hands DID turn purple and not once did I speak or break character. S/o to John and Tim for working through the problem and not killing me. Next we went to fat mans squeeze (a slot smaller than the width of my foot in some places) did a simulation where Rachel had a broken leg and we had to get her to the end of... It's so rad seeing the leaders stand up and lead and everyone work together in harmony. The last thing we did was go to the lava tubes, a really cool underground cave thing. It smelled sorta nasty but at the end there was this really big cavern, there were glows sticks laying all over the ground so we picked them up and sprayed them on the walls, IT WAS SO COOL. It looked like a galaxy. I love those people with all of my heart. Such an incredible experience. Pod Talent/Skit night. It kills me. We had the best skit ever. We danced around like chickens and then acted out a cock fight and had such a blast. Source: The Wesleigh Chronicles

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The Arcade Photography Contest : Dita Actor
The Arcade Photography Contest : Dita Actor
Personal Notes : Title : What The Fish Who? (WTFW) There was a really distinct Sci Fi Leaning in this round's Arcade. I wanted to create a set of pics capturing that madcap Fun! Special Thanks goes to Mina who gave me the Hopscotch 'Props are Cool' set which appears in this photo. Credits : Left to Right Sway's Swim Ring [Quack] - Life Saver (RARE) Zigana Super Bot - Billy (PR) The Arcade (Claw Machine) - Chic Fish (Mango) OhMai! Teacup Piglets - Piggy Who Olive Grandma's Treasure - Billy The Fish Tableau Vivant Emotes - Fox Schadenfreude - Tako Teapot (RARE) Apple Fall - Breakfast at Tiffany's - Lemon Tea Hucci Roadster (Packaging) Wilds of Organica - Sugar Glider Rigged Mesh Avatar (Black Beauty) HopScotch - Get your geek on - Props Are Cool Fashionably Dead - Radio Headphones - Avacado Miamai - Critter Society Floaties - Kitty Floatie Orange Vespertine Fabric Birds - Sleepy White Owl ( sans space helmet by yours truly!) Aria - Oolong Tea Planters - Vanda Nostalgic (RARE)...
Photo by Dita Actor on Flickr
My new tea set - awesome!
My new tea set - awesome!
Photo by toddsmithdesign on Flickr
teapot and cup set with owls
teapot and cup set with owls
After exploring the galleries of the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, I couldn't resist to stop at the gift shop. I was saddened by leaving Merlin behind, so I made up for it, by taking owl pictures in everything!
Photo by happy via on Flickr
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Owl Teapot and Cup Set
Owl Teapot and Cup Set
Lucky Owl Grey Teapot + 2 Cup Set 500ml (filter included)
Lucky Owl Grey Teapot + 2 Cup Set 500ml (filter included)