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Kutani pottery teapot pot mountain range (with tea strainer) by Kutani

  • Famous Japanese traditional Pottery KUTANI since 1655
  • Made in Japan, in Ishikawa
  • 360 ml Capacity



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Product Description

A stone monument bearing the inscription "Ko-Kutani kiln ruins" stands quietly in a clearing.
It marks the spot where the Daishouji Clan(a branch of the Kaga Clan)
established a kiln in about 1655,to make use of the local porcelain stone.
Tha porcelain ware that was created there was later called "Ko-kutani"
and became the foundation for Japanese colored porcelain ware.
Rich overglaze colors applied with fluid brushwork -green,yellow,red,purple and blue-
give Kutani porcelain its characteristic beauty.
However,only half a century later the kiln was abandoned for reasons that nobody knows.

About 100 years later,Kutani porcelain was revived under the patronage of the Kaga clan.
The Kasugayama and Wakasugi kilns were established, and kilns such as the Yoshidaya kiln
rode on the momentum of "revived Kutani",all producing overglaze porcelain ware.
Various styles competed and combined to develop into the overglaze techniques
that have been handed down to this day.

In modern times,the gorgeous Kinrande style(very high-quality design of gold)
has become well known in the West as "Japan Kutani"
Kutani porcelain, which combined the artistry of Ko-Kutani ware and the utilitarian
beauty that developed from "revived Kutani",continues to evolve.

The London Pottery Co & Kaffe Fassett A03559 Ceramic Teapot with Infuser, 26.5 fl. oz. , Paperweight Gypsy by The London Pottery Co & Kaffe Fassett

  • Made of high-quality ceramic, with sloping sides that are designed...
  • This stunning 4-cup teapot is the result of a creative...
  • Crafted for tea lovers: this teapot features a dripless spout...


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Product Description

This beautiful teapot comes from a collaboration between two artisans: David Birch, pioneering ceramic designer and director of London Pottery Company, and Kaffe Fassett, a renowned textile artist whose lively, colorful designs have delighted admirers for decades. The result is a teapot that displays both artists’ expertise in clear detail, while bringing their disciplines together into a complete, unified piece. The teapot, with its gently geometric form, is a thing of beauty in itself. Add Fassett’s playful, folkloric pattern into the mix, and form and function become one: the sloping sides act as canvas for the vividly symmetrical motif. The collection includes six of Fassett’s unique designs. Each is combined with a subtle glaze, which has itself been carefully selected to complement and enhance the detail of the wrap-around textile-based pattern. The teapot features a built-in stainless steel filter with a fine mesh that provides exceptional brewing. The hinged lid and wide handle add ease and comfort, while Birch's perfected dripless spout make for the perfect pour. This 4-cup teapot makes an excellent Mother's Day gift, Christmas gift, housewarming gift or birthday gift.