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Royal Worcester Evesham Gold Porcelain Teapot and Cover by Royal Worcester

  • White porcelain body with rich fruits and leaves. 22 Karat gold...
  • Made in Bangladesh
  • Teapot and Cover 2.4 Pt


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The Evesham pattern by Royal Worcester is a highly collectible English design on fine porcelain. The pattern is named after a local fruit-growing region in England. The 5 piece place setting includes a dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter plate, tea cup and saucer. Each piece is beautifully decorated with a variety of hand paint styled fruits and trimmed in 22 carat gold band.

Fruit and leaves in muted tones accented with 22-carat gold give Evesham from Royal Worcester a gracious, Old World feel. Made in England, this 6-cup porcelain teapot, which measures 6-1/2 by 6 by 9-1/2 inches, makes a lovely addition to a full line of matching Evesham dinnerware.

Classic in shape, the teapot looks decorative even when not pouring afternoon tea for the bridge party. Realistic images of fruit circle the glossy white body, with muted leaves done in pale greens and russet tones. Gold bands decorate the mouth, spout, handle, and lid. A lip on the underside of the lid helps prevent it from sliding off, while a small airhole in the lid allows the tea to pour smoothly. To protect the gold trim from dishwasher wear and tear, washing the teapot by hand with a mild detergent is recommended. --Ann Bieri

Royal Worcester Evesham Gold Teapot 47oz by Royal Worcester

  • 47oz / 1.4ltr
  • Not Made in England


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barronscatalog. com/Brand/Royal-Worcester. aspx Royal Worcester perfects casual and formal designs From the finest bone china, to the versatility of.

The Drexel Connection to 'Slaughterhouse-Five' - DrexelNow

“I think the climax of the book will be the execution of poor old Edgar Derby …. The irony is so great. A whole city gets burned down, and thousands and thousands of people are killed. And then this one American foot soldier is arrested in the ruins for taking a teapot. As the Drexel freshmen who read the above passage in “English 103: War Literature” later found out, it wasn’t any ordinary teapot that cost Derby his life. The porcelain object would have seemed like a mirage among the rubble after the Allied firebombing of the German city of Dresden, which some of the book’s characters witnessed, and Vonnegut experienced in real life. Dresden was reduced to rubble after British and American forces dropped explosives and bombs over the non-militarized city from February 13 - 15, 1945. At least 35,000 citizens (some say up to 100,000 more) were killed, and most of the city was... In order to understand the allure of the porcelain among the ruins, which sparked the character’s desire to hold on to something beautiful in the face of something so horrific, Christopher Nielson, PhD, an assistant department head and teaching... Derby, one of the novel’s central characters, found the porcelain teapot when he and the other American prisoners of war are forced to dig for bodies in the city’s ruins. After German guards spot him, Edgar is accused of trying to steal it and is executed at the end of the book. The urn in the Drexel Collection gives them a clue,” said Nielson. As in past years of the class, Nielson took the students to see an urn in Main Building that resembles the type of porcelain that would have been seen, and destroyed, in Dresden, once known as the “Florence of the Elbe” for its architecture and... This year marks the first occasion that students visited the archives of the Drexel Collection to see a real-life example of the art and culture destroyed in the bombings. “Vonnegut, as a prisoner of war, described Dresden as ‘Oz’ when he first saw it,” Nielson said. It looked like a Sunday school picture of Heaven …. ’ Truly, I have read no other description that captures the beauty of Dresden as well as Vonnegut’s. Germany’s cultural capital was also well known for its connection to porcelain. The first type of European porcelain, or hard-paste porcelain, was created in Dresden during the 18 century in response to the demand of imported China porcelain. Characterized by the use of white-gold and ornate, colorful depictions of animals, people and flowers, Meissen porcelain was created in factories near Dresden, like the Saxon Porcelain Manufactory in Potschappel, Germany. Meissen porcelain was so popular that China porcelain began copying certain motifs, and porcelain factories in Sèvres, France and England. The 19 century urn in the Drexel collection was made in imitation of Meissan porcelain by Carl Thieme, a porcelain painter and founder of the Saxon Porcelain Manufactory. Acquired by University founder Anthony Joseph Drexel, the urn is part of the Drexel Collection, which he created in 1891 by giving James MacAlister, the future first president of Drexel Institute, $1 million of his own money to purchase art for... Like most of his private art collection, Drexel’s urn was bequeathed to the University upon his death in 1893. The urn contains many Meissen-like features, including two pairs of putti, intricate fold bands and intricate bugs and flowers. After learning the urn was in storage, Nielson contacted Lynn Clouser, assistant director of the Drexel Collection, about bringing students in his three back-to-back classes to see it. Clouser and Stephanie Bernabei, collection assistant, met with... They also displayed various pieces of porcelain in the Collection that inspired or was inspired by Dresden porcelain, like a Meissen covered cup and saucer, a French sculpture and platter, a tureen from China, and a saucer and teacup from the... “I want students to see what was destroyed in the firebombing of Dresden, an important center of artistic, cultural and intellectual activity, which attracted painters, sculptors, poets, philosophers and porcelain decorators alike,” Nielson. Source:

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    As the Drexel freshmen who read the above passage in “English 103: War Literature” later found out, it wasn't any ordinary teapot that cost Derby his life. The porcelain They also displayed various pieces of porcelain in the Collection that

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Check out what I found. RARE ANTIQUE HAND PAINTED & SIGNED ROYAL WORCESTER PORCELAIN TEAPOT via @eBay_UK 08/26/15, @johnhardie57
Check out what I found. RARE ANTIQUE HAND PAINTED & SIGNED ROYAL WORCESTER PORCELAIN TEAPOT via @eBay_UK 08/25/15, @johnhardie57 Check out what I found. RARE ANTIQUE HAND PAINTED & SIGNED ROYAL WORCESTER PORCELAIN TEAPOT … 08/25/15, @alixandraa_


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    cranberry juice, orange, peach schnapps, raspberries


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    Crown Publishers. 1988. ISBN: 0517527383,9780517527382. 724 pages.
  • Art Museum Libraries and Librarianship

    2007. ISBN: 0810859211,9780810859210. 312 pages.

    Each chapter includes essays written by librarians in the field that deal with the unique environment of art museum libraries, from the largest research collections that serve many curatorial departments and multiple administrative layers to the smallest solo-librarian settings where staff work in relative isolation."--BOOK JACKET.

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    The 10-inch teapot, which is decorated with songbirds and peach trees, was reputedly given to Queen Elizabeth in a bid to curry favour. She gave it to her chaplain Henry Parry, the Bishop of Worcester, who was at her deathbed in 1603. At the time ...

  • No pot of gold for auctioning off the 'good china'

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    In reaction, an 1880 cartoon by George du Maurier in Punch, featured a young couple inspecting a teapot. "Oh Algernon, let us live up to it!" declared the bride. The hub bub about striving to live up to your china continued when Royal Worcester released a ...

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Teapot/Saucepan stand
Teapot/Saucepan stand
Cracked, but still servicable.
Photo by chrisinplymouth on Flickr
Mosman & Friends: Bush flora & fauna in the decorative arts
Mosman & Friends: Bush flora & fauna in the decorative arts
This exhibition looks at the inspiration of native flora and fauna on local decorative arts in the mid-20th century. It is a rare opportunity to view a selection of privately held works, with a Mosman connection, created by local artists, craftspeople and their friends. The exhibits were kindly lent by Greg Currie. Exhibition on view at Mosman Library 3 – 17 November 2008. Phillis Alston Hogue Teapot, gold handle and rim Imported china blank, Delphine China, England Overglaze gum blossoms on yellow background 17 x 26cm Inscibed: P.A. Hogue Ada Newman Lidded jug Overglaze hand decorated gumnuts and leaves Imported china blank, Royal Worcester 11.5 x 10.5cm Inscibed: ANewman Grace Seccombe Koala with young, on a tree stump Slip-cast, hand-finished 13 x 8cm Inscibed: Grace Seccombe Cockatoo Slip-cast, hand-finished 13 x 5cm Inscibed: G.S. Australia Neville William Cayley Magpie Watercolour 12.2 x 9 cm Signed N.W.C. Blue Wren and silver acacia Watercolour, 26 x 18...
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The original kitchen setup
well, it sort of is still this way, but with more clutter
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Royal Worcester Evesham Gold Teapot
Royal Worcester Evesham Gold Teapot
Royal Worcester Wrendale 2 Pint Teapot
Royal Worcester Wrendale 2 Pint Teapot

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