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Guy Degrenne Salam White 6-Cup Tea Pot by Guy Degrenne

  • Guy Degrenne


Product Description

First produced in 1953, the Salam teapot is the standard for all tea lovers. This attractive teapot is comprised of a double walled bone china teapot with a stainless steel felt lined cover, which is ideal for keeping tea at the correct temperature. It comes complete with an infuser which can be removed once the desired infusion time has been reached.

Salam Total Black Matt Look 6 Cup Teapot 52oz. By Guy Degrenne by Guy Degrenne

  • Inside is a removable aluminum strainer that holds loose tea leaves
  • Its 18/10 stainless-steel cover, padded with a felt liner,...
  • Porcelain and stainless steel


Product Description

Created in 1953, this iconic product of GUY DEGRENNE collection is sold in 45 countries worldwide and is exposed to the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It feature a removable infuser to avoid bitterness due to too long brewing, and the stainless steel cover with felt liner keeps your tea hot for approximately 2h30 minutes. Enjoy it for yourself or to offer.

iwannagohome! presents the Salam Tea Pot by Degrenne Paris

iwannagohome. brings you another iconic product from Degrenne Paris A household tradition since 1953, the salam teapot is the union of classic elegance and.

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  • Grab one of these cheery pots and start pouring -- it's time for a tea party in the garden

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    That's right, just beneath the shiny steel cover is a felt cozy to keep your tea just the temp you like it. The French Salam Teapot is made by Guy Degrenne of France.

  • Tea, Please

    08/06/06 ,via Chicago Tribune

    So whether Earl Grey, green tea or oolong is your poison, add style to tea time with our selection of offbeat pots. The Salam Teapot was originally produced in the early 1950s by French silver designer Guy Degrenne and the design was resurrected five years ...

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Salam Teapot by Guy Degrenne in Teaware Teapots at Mighty Leaf

The Salam Teapot by french silversmith Guy Degrenne is an elegant art deco designed porcelain and stainless steel teapot first produced in France in 1953. With a ...

Salam White 4 Cup Teapot 26oz - by Guy Degrenne

When you're enjoying a casual breakfast, it's always nice to sip that second or third cup of hot tea. The Salam teapot keeps the contents deliciously warm for up to ...

Salam Teapot by Guy Degrenne view #3
Salam Teapot by Guy Degrenne view #3
Salam Teapot by Guy Degrenne view #4
Salam Teapot by Guy Degrenne view #4