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Sotya Japanese Cast Iron Teapot Cherry Blossoms Kettle,Stainless Steel Infuser,0.9L or 40oz,Black by Sotya

  • 〖BRAND〗Sotya is one of the best iron cast kettle producer in Japan,...
  • 〖MATERIAL〗Cast iron.Made in Japan.
  • 〖SIZE〗L18 *H10*W18cm(L7.09*H3.09* W7.09 inc) hand measurement will...


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Zeami Motokiyo (1363 -1443), alanze Motokiyo , a Japanese aesthetician, actor, and playwright. He wrote such a sentence [Remember your original intention].
Sotya brand established in 2010,it's just a small workshop where make traditional Japanese cast iron teapot. We are in Iwate-ken, a place rich in iron ore.
Sotya craftspeople make this exquisitely ornate cast iron teapot with the Japanese tea ceremony spirit all the time.From small beginning come great things! The only way to realistically achieve a goal is to do one thing really well.
Our company strongly believes that「small products to the extreme is a big business.
We are doing what we love, there is much more success than being rich or famous.


1.Dry it each time after finish using the tetsubin.
2.Do not leave any water in the tetsubin for long time.
3.Must use lower output or weak fire until entire tetsubin is heated up.
4.Never try to remove spots from inside of tetsubin.
5.Rusted iron is safe for health.
6.Can touch the outside of tetsubin.
Thanks for reading!

Sotya Japanese Cast Iron Teapot Cherry Blossoms Kettle,Stainless Steel Infuser,0.9L or 40oz,Black by Sotya

  • 【BRAND】Sotya is devoted to customer service, our products are...
  • 【MEANING】The cherry blossom is the symbol of love and hope, behalf...
  • 【UNIQUE DESIGN】There is a humanized design--the handle a hemp rope...


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1. The use of Sotya iron pot boiled water containing divalent iron ions, so there will be spring water effect, which can effectively enhance the taste, very suitable for brewing all kinds of tea.
2.Not only can boil, also can continue to heat, the functional scope is wider, can be specially used to flush scented tea and fruit Tea,black tea, used to cook a variety of teas is also a good choice, because through the cast iron pot of boiling, can effectively remove the smell of tea, improve taste.

1.Improve Water Quality: make the water more soft, sweet, which can also improve the taste of tea.
2.Good Health: iron teapot in the heating process will continue to release Fe2+, easy to be absorbed by the body, you can supplement the body needs, so as to effectively prevent anemia.

1.So the tea contained in the tannin and iron pot dissolved in the iron, will be formed in the iron pot surface layer of tannin iron film, at the same time can remove the smell of the new pot. Boil the pot after the water drained, repeat 2-3 times until the water can be clear.
2.Daily use, please do not fill up, lest overflow after boiling. Iron pot used for about 5 days, the wall will appear scarlet spots, 10 days or so there will be white scale. This is a normal phenomenon, as long as the water is not cloudy does not affect the drink.
3.After each use, open a small fire in the pot of water to fully evaporate, and then dry with a soft cloth dry, keep the pot dry, do not the remaining water overnight. Prevents the iron pot from rusting, affects the service life.

In fact, iron pot rust needn't worry too much. Because iron pot rust does not harm people's health, it will only affect the taste of tea or water.
Add green tea to boil water for about 30 minutes or longer and repeat 2-3 times.

Nuovo Tea "Tetsubin" (Japanese Cast Iron Teapots)


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Greek Wine Cast Iron Kamakura 26-ounce Teapot by (dba Shopping)

OI1611: Features: -Includes black teapot stand with removable stainless steel mesh tea infuser basket. -Teapot. -Material: Cast iron. -Heat-retaining properties allows teapots to keep tea at the proper serving temperature for up to an hour. Color: -Purple. Material: -Cast iron. Pattern: -Floral. Generic Dimensions: -6.75" H x 8.25" W x 7" D, 4.5 lbs. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -6.75 Inches. Overall Width - Side to Side: -8.25 Inches. Overall Depth - Front to Back: -7 Inches. Overall Product Weight: -4.5 Pounds.


Tetsubin Positivity Teapot, Moss by (dba Shopping)

OI1282: Features: -Teapot-Material: Cast iron-Exterior material: Painted-Interior material: Porcelain enameled-Stainless steel infuser-Black enamel interior coated that helps prevent rust-Rinse out with warm water and hand dry-Used for brewing and serving tea-Capacity: 26 Ounce. Includes: -Infuser included. Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 5.5" H x 8.75" W x 7.25" D.


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This man was one of several selling Japanese style teapots. (Larger and made of cast iron, rather than small ceramic teapots as the Taiwanese use)
Photo by Joel Haas on Flickr
... Teapot Sets > Cast Iron Teapots > Small Hobnail Cast Iron Black Teapot
... Teapot Sets > Cast Iron Teapots > Small Hobnail Cast Iron Black Teapot
Home > All products > Small Cast Iron Black Teapot
Home > All products > Small Cast Iron Black Teapot
Hammered 40 oz Cast Iron Teapot - Black
Hammered 40 oz Cast Iron Teapot - Black

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