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Redbird Artisan Small Glass Teapot - Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Filter Basket - Microwave and Stovetop Safe Glass Tea Pot / Tea Kettle 600 mL/20 oz by Redbird

  • WARRANTY against all defects. Additional "Oops, I dropped it"...
  • FDA APPROVED and BPA FREE. Borosilicate glass and 304 Stainless...
  • CLEAN FOCUSED POUR AND DRIPLESS SPOUT means no drips or drops. This...


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Product Description

The Redbird TPE1 Borosilicate Glass Teapot is a small tea pot designed for brewing loose leaf tea. Visit any tea shop in Asia and you'll find a simple glass teapot like this used to prepare water for steeping and for small-pot brewing. It's a simple, quality item. Follow a few suggestions and you'll be happy you made this purchase.


  • All parts are dishwasher safe. The glass components are microwave safe.
  • Use the lid with or without the filter!
  • HOLD the LID when pouring to prevent dropping and breakage.
  • The teapot can be used over heat and on the range when filled to warm water for tea
  • Do not use over when when not fully filled
  • Do use a potholder if used for boiling water
  • Do not use lid when pot is in use in Microwave or on stove
  • Do not scour glass or stainless steel

Keep in mind, this is a small pot for artisan tea preparation. Similar teapots are used in Japan, Taiwan, China in nearly every tea house. It is made of high-quality, heat-resistant glass, but it is still glass. Treat it with care.

Every Redbird teapot comes with warranty and one free lid-replacement (Because, well, stuff happens).

London Pottery Small Globe Teapot, 2 Cup Capacity, Cobalt Blue by Now Designs

  • This smaller Globe Teapot features a 2 cup, 18 ounce capacity
  • Ceramic tea straining holes are built into the design to keep...
  • The London Pottery teapot is made from glazed stoneware


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Product Description

Designed by noted British ceramicist, David Birch, the Globe teapot from London Pottery is a classic, traditionally shaped teapot. This glazed stoneware teapot features a familiar rounded body and curved handle and spout. A non-drip spout and stay-cool handle allow for smooth pouring of hot tea. Strainer holes are built into the spout to keep teabags inside. The Globe teapot is available in three sizes: Small (2 Cup, 18 ounce capacity, Medium (6 cup, 40 ounce capacity) and Large (8 cup, 66 ounce capacity). All sizes are available for sale on in a variety of colors to compliment any kitchen. This teapot is not intended for use directly on the stovetop.

Nursery Rhymes | Wheels on the Bus and I'm a Little Teapot Songs Collection

Check out our Wheels on the Bus Song http://vid. io/xqXs The compilation videos consists of Wheels on the Bus, I'm a Little Teapot, five little monkeys, Old.

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Florentine Indigo White Small Teapot by Wedgwood

There are few patterns that live up to the richness of Florentine Indigo characterized by an ornate border intricately detailed with mystical creatures and fantastical flora and set against the clarity of white, fine bone china. The Indigo color, with its soft pale blue background, creates a stylish, feminine collection. A black line has been used throughout the range adding to the sophisticated character of this pattern. The gilders paint the black line by hand onto every piece, carefully tracing the shape of the rims, the base and the handle. This prestige range is produced in Barlaston, England.


CottageCutz Die 4X4-Small Teapot Made Easy by (dba Shopping)

COTTAGE CUTZ: Cottage Cutz Dies. With design styles that are cute and adorable fun and whimsical and classically elegant these universal wafer-thin dies make a great addition to your paper crafting supplies. Cut amazing shapes out of paper cardstock adhesive-backed paper vinyl vellum and more. They are made from American steel and will work with the QuicKutz Revolution CuttleBug Spellbinder Wizard AccuCut ZipeMate and Sizzix Big Shot and Big Kick machines (all sold separately). The die is a solid steel plate with multiple cutting images and comes with a layer of ejection foam to give clean and accurate cuts. This package contains Small Teapot (a Made Easy design). Assembled design size: 3.4x2.7 Inch. Die size: 4x4 Inch. Made in USA.


Oxfam improving access to safe water in Syria

Razan is a 30-year-old accountant lives with her mother in the Syrian city of Salamiyah. Racha Chamoun, Oxfam Public Health Promotion Officer in Syria, reports on how Oxfam is working to improve access to water for people like her. "My life is based around the need to get water. Sometimes I skip work or stay up all night, turning the domestic water pump on and off, just waiting for water to come out of the tap. Before the war, Razan took a bath whenever she wanted, but now with the water shortage Razan takes a bath only once a week. Twice weekly, she washes her short hair using water heated in a small teapot. The rinsing water will be used to flush the toilet later. Likewise the laundry water is collected from the washing machine's drainage pipe after a spin and stored in buckets for house cleaning. "I've become obsessed with getting enough water,' says Razan. Before the war the population of Salamiyah in Hama governorate was 150,000 people. Now it has swelled to three times the size as displaced people from Homs and Hama suburbs have moved in, placing more stress on water resources. Apart from a few local boreholes, 400 meters underground containing undrinkable sulphurous water, the nearest water source is 80 kilometers (50 miles) away on the Syrian-Lebanese border and it's partially damaged due to the conflict. Pumping the water from so far away during war is risky, and electricity power cuts mean the pumping system often does not work. In 2010, water reached houses in Salamiyah every three days at midnight for three hours. These days, the taps only come on once every 10 days. The city's small gardens, once filled by householders with flowers, fruits and vegetables have turned barren as inhabitants keep the small amount of water for personal use. Like others, Razan is suffering from the financial burden of having to buy water from trucks in an unstable market with inflated prices. One thousand litres used to cost 400 Syrian pounds ($2. 11). The same amount is now 1,200 Syrian pounds ($6. 25) and will only supply a family for few days. Oxfam water engineer, Syria. Photo: Oxfam. Finally, Oxfam in consultation with the Water Establishment in Hama and the community in Salamiyah, realised the only solution was to treat the water in the local boreholes to make it drinkable by removing the sulphur, a process requiring... This is what Oxfam committed to providing with a water treatment plant using a reverse osmosis system. But at the begining of June, safe water from the plant reached the people of Salamiyah for the first time, benefiting an estimated 35,000 residents. The reverse osmosis system successfully removes the sulphur, its bad smell, and solids from the water. It produces 50,000 liters of water an hour and is connected to the city's water mains. The plant was built and is operated by Syrian engineers and technicians, supported by local contractors and the Water Establishment in Hama. And while the war continues in Syria, the electricity supply remains erratic and water scarce due to the large number of people living in the city, at least Razan, and others like her, have better access to a clean and reliable water source. Oxfam water engineers, Syria. Photo: Oxfam. Oxfam has been working with Syria's Ministry of Water Resources for the past 18 months by drilling wells, repairing old and damaged water networks and trucking water. We have managed to reach more than one million people with clean water, and we are trying to double the number. This entry posted by Racha Chamoun, Oxfam Public Health Promotion Officer in Syria, on 27 August 2015. Originally posted by OxfamGB. Source: ReliefWeb

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Meh. Tempest in a teapot. Mostly small people doing small and desperate things with little upside. 09/02/15, @Dealfatigue
Wool Tea Pot Cozy - Teapot cozy crocodile stitch, size small, in t… #Etsy #CrochetTeapotCozy 09/02/15, @goldiesknits


  • Teapot Cake

    pound cake, food coloring, frosting, food coloring


  • Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit Social Work : An Empirically Based Approach to Assessment and Treatment

    Oxford University Press, USA. 2009. ISBN: 9780199724093,0199724091. 416 pages.

    In recent years, interest in non-Western curative techniques among Americans has grown by leaps and bounds. Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit Social Work is the first book to strongly connect Western therapeutic techniques with Eastern philosophy and practices, while also providing a comprehensive and pragmatic agenda for social work, and mental health professionals. This breakthrough text, written by a cast of highly regarded researchers from both Asia and America, presents a holistic, therapeutic approach that ties Eastern philosophy and practical techniques to Western forms of therapy in order to help bring about positive, transformative changes in individuals and families. Integrative therapy focuses on the mind-body-spirit relationship, recognizes spirituality as a fundamental domain of...

  • Sing-along Little Teapot

    2012. ISBN: 178065314X,9781780653143. 12 pages.

    Each book in this series comes complete with a CD inside so that adults and children can read together and sing along with each nursery rhyme. The bright colours and cute illustrations will delight and entertain small children.

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White teapot with graceful and classic shape.. Enjoy a freshly brewed pot of tea with the LSA Dine Teapot - Small.. Designed by renowned porcelain ware icons, LSA ...

A teapot is a vessel used for steeping tea leaves or an herbal mix in boiling or near-boiling water, and for serving the resulting infusion which is called tea. Dry tea may be available either in tea bags or as loose tea, in which case a tea infuser or tea strainer may be of some assistance, either to hold the leaves as they steep or to catch the leaves inside the teapot when the tea is poured. Teapots usually have an opening with a lid at their top, where the dry tea and hot water are added, a handle for holding by hand and a spout through which the tea is served. Some teapots have a strainer built-in on the inner edge of the spout. A small hole in the lid is necessary for air access inside to stop the spout from dripping and splashing when tea is poured. In modern times, a thermal cover called a tea cosy may be used to enhance the steeping or to prevent the contents of the teapot from cooling too rapidly. Courtesy -
Porcelain Chinese Teapot Small Chinese porcleain teapot, white background with pink and yellow flowers and green leaves. The handle is bamboo shaped. Lid is removable. No cracks or chips Asian Decor: Porcelain Teapot from China More info:
Photo by Silk Road Collection on Flickr
Small teapot (white)
Small teapot (white)
White linen glaze over stoneware. About 3 3/4" diameter at belly, 3 3/4" tall at rim, and 5 1/2" tall to top of the knob. Holds about 12 oz.
Photo by jaywiese on Flickr
Artistic Ceramics > Teapots > Small teapots 0.4L > Small teapot 0.4L
Artistic Ceramics > Teapots > Small teapots 0.4L > Small teapot 0.4L
Artistic Ceramics > Teapots > Small teapots 0.4L > Small teapot 0.4L
Artistic Ceramics > Teapots > Small teapots 0.4L > Small teapot 0.4L
Pip Studio Teapot Small
Pip Studio Teapot Small

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