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Staub 1 Quart Round Teapot, Black by Staub

  • Stainless Steel handles that fold down for easy access to lid
  • Even heat distribution and heat retention that only cast iron can...
  • Smooth bottom is suitable for use on any cooking surface,...


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The Staub journey begins in Alsace, France. Rich in history, food, and craft, it is a region renowned for hearty one-pot recipes. Staub has been producing the best cast iron products for professional and aspiring cooks since 1974. A synthesis of traditional, modern and international style, Staub's teapot brings eye-catching grace to the contemporary kitchen. Round design mixes Staub's signature colors with Japanese accents.

Kaico Kettle by Makoto Koizumi by Kaico

  • Contemporary minimalist design
  • Handmade in Japan
  • Enamel-coated steel


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Product Description

The award-winning Kaico series has enamel coating over steel which makes for thermal-efficient cookware that is easy to use and clean. The Kaico series originated from the desire to make high quality enamel wares by Japanese artisans. Kaico features a wide opening for easy cleaning, wood handles for easy carrying, and a wide bottom for better thermal effect.

Staub Round Teapot

Let's make tea. Desirable design.

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    Fall in love with your home all over again with ideas from the February Pensacola Home & Garden Magazine. Inside this fabulous issue, you will find: • Love Nests: Create Your Restful Retreat, page 9. • Gourmet Goodness: For Your Sweetheart, page 10.

  • (Photo: Danny Kim)

    02/07/11 ,via New York Magazine

    Many cookware-makers have tried—and failed—to improve on the classic kettle, adding finicky flip-up spouts or arcing handles. French brand Staub (Le Creuset's lesser-known competitor) delivers a heavy-duty one-quart teapot ($120 at Whisk, 231 Bedford 

  • Gifts for the kitchen from cookbooks to juicers, olive oil to aprons

    12/03/14 ,via

    Staub enamelled cast-iron kettle. This 1.1-litre stovetop beauty is both a kettle and a teapot: you can use it to boil water, brew tea, and serve from, and the cast iron retains heat. Yes, it's pricey, but it makes a great gift because it's a daily


this #teapot is a stunner and so cute!!! #staub #castiron #enamel #heirloomkitchen #tea #french @staub_usa 08/06/15, @HeirloomK


  • Teapot Cake

    pound cake, food coloring, frosting, food coloring


  • Postcards from an Assassin: Life After Death

    AuthorHouse. 2012. ISBN: 1477236937,9781477236932. 412 pages.

    Who is Matthijs van Guilder? Walt, the sheriff, thinks he is a devil. Margaret, Walt’s wife, thinks he is an angel. Bryan, Walt’s son, thinks he is a hero. Janice thinks he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her. Nigel, who has known him for a long time, thinks he is an arrogant, quirky, cold-blooded assassin – and one of his best employees. Mat sees himself as alternately angry, funny, deadly, damaged, clever, well read, a film buff, successful and homeless. Can they all be right? Is this ghost real? This is a story of identity; of the unlikely romance between two middle-aged misfits, along with some dog behavior, paganism and a good chase, all intrinsic to the tale. It is a story about what is said and what is not said; a story of fate, fact and fiction all tangled up. It is a...

  • Reminiscing Through The Years

    iUniverse. 2011. ISBN: 9781462008551,1462008550. 748 pages.

    Reminiscing through the Years is a book of laughter, tears, and life— Sandy Staub Kassimir’s life to be exact. She begins the journey through her life with the story of her parents’ childhoods, along with the struggles they encountered when they came to America. She takes us through their courtship; sharing the loving details of how they met and fell in love. She also shares the story of her romance with her husband—a romance that began at the age of eighteen. Over the years they have welcomed their wonderful children and then, with time, their grandchildren into their lives. Sandy has been fortunate to meet many wonderful friends along the way and she tells the stories of the people who have touched her life in some way with honesty, warmth, and humor. Along with these stories, she has...

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  • Staub cast iron cookware

    04/08/15 ,via Hospitality Magazine

    French made Staub cast iron cookware is now available in Australia through DKSH. Key products include the cocotte with steamer insert and teapot with infuser, both of which are said to be compatible with all types of cook tops. The cocotte can be used to ...

  • Staub Round Teapot Kettle, Black Matte

    09/17/14 ,via

    Melding the old-worldliness of cast-iron with the clean, straight lines of Asian design, this Tea Kettle will make a fine addition to any kitchen. In Grenadine, it casts a striking pose, and yet is so functional, the heat retention is unmatched, so water ...

  • Nova Teapot

    12/11/13 ,via

    Heat up and brew your tea all in the same piece. 51 ounce capacity. SIMAX products are made out of 3.3 borosilicate glass, which is the same type used in science labs. SIMAX glassware does not leech any chemicals into food, and does not absorb any odors or ...

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Staub Teapot | eBay

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Staub 1650023 Round Teapot w/ 1-qt Capacity & Enamel Coated Cast Iron ...
Staub 1650023 Round Teapot w/ 1-qt Capacity & Enamel Coated Cast Iron ...
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Staub 1650007 Round Teapot w/ 1-qt Capacity & Enamel Coated Cast Iron ...
Staub 1650007 Round Teapot w/ 1-qt Capacity & Enamel Coated Cast Iron ...
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Staub teapot
Staub teapot
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