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Doctor Who Tardis Ceramic Teapot by Doctor Who

  • Holds approximately 750ml/25oz
  • Beautifully crafted and detailed teapot fashioned after Doctor...
  • Perfect for any tea-loving Doctor Who fan


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Bring a piece of this television favorite into the kitchen with the Doctor Who Tardis Teapot. It can hold up to three cups of liquid at a time and features a solid handle, spout and lid for long-lasting use. Stylized just like the Doctor's ship, this ceramic teapot is labeled with "Police Public Call Box" and "Pull to Open" signs, as well as precise, 3D details. The windows and doors are painted and glazed to give to complete this piece's attractive look. This light china teapot makes a wonderful serving or decorative piece for the Doctor Who fan in your life.

Doctor Who Figural Tardis Mug, 17 oz by Doctor Who

  • Not your average drink mug
  • Lids make it perfect for a cup of tea
  • Well made and sturdy



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Imported from the UK! The TARDIS' chameleon circuit is supposed to allow the time-space craft of the Doctor to blend into its surroundings, only it has never worked quite right. This time, the chameleon circuit has caused the TARDIS, still stuck in its form as a 1960's London police box, to become shaped like a coffee mug!


Tardis Teapot Pour

Handmade Tardis Teapot, crafted by Jadeflower Ceramics. http://jadeflower.

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Doctor Who 3D TARDIS Ceramic Teapot: Metallic Silver by Rakuten.com

*Doctor Who Silver Tardis Teapot *Ceramic construction *Makes a great gift for the Doctor Who fan *Featuring the classic Tardis design *Brand new


Doctor Who Tardis Ceramic Tea Pot by Rakuten.com

*Doctor Who TARDIS ceramic tea pot *Beautifully crafted and detailed teapot fashioned after Doctor Who's time machine *Holds approximately 750ml *A perfect gift for any tea-loving Doctor Who fan! *Brand new officially licensed product



Tardi-Great! Teapot

Everyone needs a cuddly Tardigrade near by.



I have reached civilization and have internet, so watch out for more posts in the days to come on TEAM DARJEELING teapot adventures. The Tardis now has a name, "Irma" Irma traveled first class from Seattle to Peru (with stops in LA and Mexico City along the way). I was planning to break out the teapot and share tea with my fellow passengers, but I found the first class cabin to not be very approachable (lots of businessmen on their laptops, keeping to themselves. I almost offered tea to the lady next to me, but chickened out. Because I don't watch TV and have never seen the show, I didn't recognize the Kardashians in the VIP louge in LA or on the plane from LA to Mexico City. I saw some teenagers acting all giddy, but didn't know why at the time. I sat next to either one of the Kardashian daughters, or a very beautiful lady who was with them, on the plane. It's funny, I didn't know it until the next leg of my journey, the man next to me had seen the kids take a photo with them and told me who they were. I apologize for not taking photos- if I were more outgoing there would have been some fun photos of tea with the Kardashians. I also apologize for the long time between posts. When I did venture to areas in Peru with internet, I had trouble accessing the blog and my Gmail (Kudos to Google for flagging an attempt to access my account from a foreign country) Oh my, what a lovely adventure for this little teapot. How amazing that you carried it clear to Peru. I can't wait to hear more. In a way, glad you didn't photograph Irma with the Kardashians. Interesting tea, look forward to hearing more on that too. Such an adventurous little teapot. Amazing photos of a far away land - thank you for sharing. When we traveled to Peru (17 years ago. ) to visit the Amazon rainforest and then on to Machu Picchu, we drank lots of the Coca tea and chewed the coca leaves to help with the altitude sickness. I would not have recognized the Kardashians either. I look forward to sharing your tea times in Peru with “Irma”. I’ve heard it is such a beautiful country. Thank you for sharing some of it through your stories and photos. The Picarones with chancaca syrup for your tea party looked delicious. Source: The Traveling Teapot II

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    This functional stoneware teapot is made entirely from scratch – no molds or pre-made components are used. Like my Tardis Banks, the Tardis Teapot is made from many pieces, which I cut with precision from thinly rolled-out slabs. The handle and spout

  • TARDIS Teapot: Tea and Relaxing Drinks in Space

    10/22/11 ,via Technabob (blog)

    Being British and all, tea has played a role in a variety of episodes of Doctor Who over the years. As a matter of fact, tea was even been consumed inside the TARDIS in the show's very first season. So it's only appropriate that there be a TARDIS

  • Folly Row Cafe, Kingston St Michael, Chippenham

    07/29/15 ,via Swindon Advertiser

    The indulgent clotted cream was yummy and the equally so strawberry jam made by a woman in the village. The Tardis like teapot of Assam was accompanied by a timer set to three minutes so you could remove the tea pouch at the optimum time or to taste.


Doctor Who Tardis Teapot http://t.co/WdK8AeXLhm http://t.co/owOvNIUzOb 09/07/15, @RenitaDary
Perfect breafast with my awesome new teapot, birthday party is still on #croissant #tea #tardis… https://t.co/vz61gckgDG 09/07/15, @Spinelie974
my tardis teapot fell from its shelf to lend on my feet I hate my life 09/02/15, @malikalsavf


  • The Janus Conjunction

    Dubois Publishing. 1998. ISBN: 9780563405993,0563405996. 283 pages.

    This Doctor Who novel features the eighth Doctor and Sam, and is Trevor Baxendale's first Doctor Who novel.

  • The Silence

    Lulu.com. 2015. ISBN: 9781329218079,1329218078. 212 pages.

    Belle and Hazel, two seemingly ordinary girls, go on the adventure of a lifetime when Mr. Smith, their teacher, turns out the be more than he says he is. Never mind homework, they have to fight aliens and, in the mean time, try to stay out of trouble. Can they manage to save the school and London by destroying the Silence? What happens with the Doctor when the Silence are defeated? Can Hazel and Belle manage to be friends?

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    So we come over here and assimilate nicely (so we think), but there are some things we British expats find ourselves doing that may raise American eyebrows anyway. Half the time we’re not even conscious of our oddities. Watching old British television ...

  • 21 Gifts for 'Doctor Who' Fans So You Can Wish Them a Happy Christmas This Holiday Season

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    But as an American who loves British culture, the TARDIS teapot is my personal favorite. Combining Doctor Who and a teapot elevates any Anglophile’s kitchen. Although a toothbrush is typically a boring gift, this sonic screwdriver electric toothbrush ...

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Amazon.com | Doctor Who Tardis Teapot: Teapots

DOCTOR WHO TARDIS TEAPOT 750ML - (5+) ... dr. who teapot is just what I wanted. It is very cool. Published 13 days ago by sharonmforry ~

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TARDIS in a teapot | mine is bigger on the inside

TARDIS in a teapot mine is bigger on the inside. June 8, 2015 by That Stormy Girl. Opting Out of the Mommy Wars. The kid is at camp this week, so I have a break from ...

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Christmas Presents
Christmas Presents
A Doctor Who themed teapot and biscuit jar now live atop the fridge. Vworp! Vworp! Vworp! :-)
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Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot
Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot
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Home Doctor Who Tardis Teapot
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