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Tazo Zen Filterbag Tea ,20 Count (Pack of 4 ) by TAZO

  • Caffeine Level 31-45 mg.


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Find your inner green, then play at least nine holes. Through the screened front door, zingy lemongrass and spritely spearmint coax contemplative pan-fired green teas to come play. Calmly, lemon verbena opens the door and invites them all to a cup of tea.

Product Description

Caffeine Level 61 mg.;A breakfast-style black tea of malty boldness & bright flavor, invigorating any time of day.;A blend of black teas.;The brewed liquor ranges between dark brown and deep red. Black teas offer the strongest flavors


How to make passion tea lemonade the StarBucks way!!!

Hello everyone, I love this drink from starbucks so much I went out an got all the things you need to make it in your home, so lets get started you need a teapot .

The teapot has arrived in Seattle!

We were just about to leave to head up to Point Roberts for the weekend, and as we were taking loads out to the car, the teapot arrived on the doorstep. I had to stop everything and open the box, and oh my I was taken aback by all the goodies that arrived with it. Mary sent along some lovely tea towels, cards, and some Downton Abbey Limited Edition tea by The Republic of Tea. In addition to all the goodies, the box contained the teapot itself, its passport, and a lovely card. I paused to take pix, feel thankful, and then added the teapot to the load of things in the car before heading North. The drive up to Point Roberts from Seattle is quite interesting. and on a Canadian holiday weekend it was busier than an average weekend would be. It was our first time going to Point Roberts, and I learned a lot about this little piece of America that many don't know about. To get there you have to pass the Canadian border and then pass another border crossing into the U. S. into Point Roberts, WA. The only other way to reach this peninsula that hangs down from Canada is by boat from the San Juan Islands. More on Point Roberts in a future post. I don't get up that way often, and it's a bit of a trek, so a shame to pass by it. Their clothes just make you look an feel better than you actually do. (smile) I grabbed an iced tea from the vending machine. Tazo probably wouldn't appreciate my review of their bottled iced tea, so I won't give a detailed review. I'm not sure how much tea they could fit in their with all that juice and sugar. Source: The Traveling Teapot II

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Portland's Teahouses

    10/23/14 ,via Portland Monthly

    The space: Low-key lighting, a counter of beautiful teapots and ceramics, and Chinese instrumental music all add to the ambience, allowing a calming break from the city's bustle. Scrolls of Tang Dynasty poetry and calligraphy decorate the red, black

  • Starbucks rolling out upscale Teavana tea cafes

    04/29/14 ,via Chicago Tribune

    Now, Starbucks is marrying its expertise in creating coffee drinks with the experience Teavana has selling loose tea. Starbucks already targeted tea when it bought the Tazo brand in 1999, but that focuses on bagged teas, while Teavana sells loose-leaf tea.

  • Starbucks set to open first Teavana bar Thursday in N.Y.

    10/23/13 ,via Chicago Tribune

    It also will sell food ranging from sweets to salads and flat breads as well as loose-leaf teas and merchandise such as teapots. Teavana had about 300 shopping mall stores that sold loose-leaf, exotic teas when it was bought by Starbucks, which said it


  • Teapot Cake

    pound cake, food coloring, frosting, food coloring


  • Fresh Cup

  • Never Wake

    Bold Strokes Books Inc. 2008. ISBN: 9781602820630,1602820635. 296 pages.

    Following an assault, Emma Webster spends two years as a self-sentenced prisoner locked inside her condo, living a lonely but safe existence - at least she thought it was safe until the world outside her window goes still and silent. Troy Nanson, a bicycle messenger, awakens in a hospital with no memory of how she got there or how long she lay unconscious. When her calls for help go unanswered, Troy dials 911, but no one answers. As Troy explores a silent city, her suspicions are confirmed - the rest of the world has fallen asleep, and nothing she does will wake them. Fear and desperation cause Troy's tenuous grip on reality to slip. She's ready to give up, until then she finds Emma. Believing they are the only people awake in the entire world, two women who are as different from each...

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This is our tea
This is our tea
Photo by Katie@! on Flickr
Orange blossom
Orange blossom
The only objection I have to orange blossom tea is that it smells soooo much better than it actually tastes. So it's always a tiny bit disappointing. :( I like the colors here, I think the red coaster at the bottom is what completes the warm hues. :)
Photo by Debs (ò‿ó)♪ on Flickr
Tazo® Dolomite Teapot and Tea Gift Set - Light Green
Tazo® Dolomite Teapot and Tea Gift Set - Light Green
Tazo® Tea & Teapot Gift
Tazo® Tea & Teapot Gift
Tazo teapot set @ Target for $9.99
Tazo teapot set @ Target for $9.99
Image by pinterest.com