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Yixing Clay Teapot and Tea Cup set - Autumn Garden

This travel kit has a teapot and a tea cup, this handful tea ware is made of Yixing clay, famous for keeping the flavour of your favourate tea. Enjoy its earthy colour.

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You, Me, And A Cuppa Tea - Stackable Cup And Teapot Set - White Stoneware by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

Tea for two is easy and fun with this stackable set. Four pieces include a pot that holds 16 oz, two 8 oz. cups, and a lid topped with a black handle. Stacked, they make a cheery tower 10 high. Teapot has a raised heart design. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


Fluttering Leaf Teapot and Cups With Phoenix Oolong Tea Set by The New York Times Company Store

Blue and white porcelain is arguably China's most well-known, easily recognized, and popular design. Tranquil Tuesdays Blue and White Fluttering Leaf Collection re-imagines this distinctly Chinese and iconic pattern with a contemporary, chic touch. The Tranquil Tuesdays Fluttering Leaf set with Phoenix Honey Orchid Oolong Tea is exclusive to The New York Times Store and arrives in a Tranquil Tuesdays for The New York Times wooden gift box. A delightful gift for any occasion that is sure to impress. Brewing Guidelines: Enjoy 1.5 tablespoons of Tranquil Tuesdays Phoenix Honey Orchid Oolong tea with one cup (about 8oz or 250mL) of filtered or spring water at 100 C/ 212 F. They recommend a quick tea rinse to awaken and open the tealeaves: pour the water over the tea, wait five to ten seconds, then dispose of the water. Next, steep the tea for up to fifteen seconds, lengthening the steeping time with each subsequent infusion. Take care as oolong teas can quickly become astringent from over-steeping. Experiment and adjust according to your own preferences and taste. Tranquil Tuesdays partners with artists in Chinas ancient porcelain capital, Jingdezhen, to design and craft their unique and beautiful teaware pieces. To source their premium teas, they travel throughout rural China to search for the most delicious teas from small family-owned farms. They work directly with the families who grow, pick, and handcraft their teas, and they visit often to be able to source in small, fresh batches. Additionally, Tranquil Tuesdays is committed to the importance of provenance. Honoring the traditions of high quality tea craftsmanship, each of their teas comes from its region of historical growing origin linked to its distinctive flavor, or terroir. Tranquil Tuesdays is committed to showcasing unblended and unscented teas, allowing you the chance to discover the rich and exciting taste of a teas natural harvest. As this item is on sale, no further discounts or coupon codes apply.


Fair Results: Aug. 17, 2015 - The Daily Star

Caren Kelsey of Hartwick: collections of depression glass, sterling silver, brass, napkin rings, salt and pepper shakers, figurines, insulators, stoneware, old boxes, useful gadgets, kitchen utensils (tin), old bells, old Christmas decorations,... Old silver (not coins), old pewter, specimen of colored glass, pair of old vases, pair of candlesticks, pair of salt and pepper shakers, teapot, basket, souvenir, toy bank doll, bell, Christmas decoration, dresser of manicure kit, what is this. , old map, calendar, music, greeting card (set of 4), USA Coins, USA Stamps, old newspapers, picture, not photograph, miscellaneous item, cotton dress, old hats, and hand embroidered sampler. 6: 4-cylinder, Jeff Goodspeed of Garrettsville and Tom Goodspeed of Burlington Flats in heat 1 and Tim Stilson of Mount Vision and Skylar Maricle of Morris in and heat 2. 6-cylinder: Matthew Walrod of Bainbridge and Billy Smith of Cooperstown. 8-cylinder, David Smith of Mount Upton and Delbert VanDyke of Franklin. Vans and trucks, Eric Eberling of Oneonta. Best painted car, Tim Rehrmann of Morris. 9: 4-cylinder, Jason Rous of West Burlington and Andy Vona of Johnson City in heat 1 and Kyle Hackett of Norwich and Taylor Anderson of Sherburne in heat 2. 6-cylinder, Ryan Goodspeed of Hartwick and Eric Haner of Maryland in heat 1 and Jen Tiner... 9: 4-cylinder, Joey Utter of Morris and John Curtis Jr. of New Berlin. 6-cylinder, Justin Davis of Norwich and Michael Zupo of Roseboom. full-size cars, Scott Davis of West Oneonta, Delbert VanDyke of Franklin and William Miller of Roseboom. trucks and vans, Eric Eberling of Oneonta, Jerry Madsen of Laurens and David Cotton of Mount Upton. feature, 4 cylinders, Joey Utter of Morris and runner-up Jen Tiner of Mount Vision. feature winner of large cylinder, Chad Winne of Davenport Center and runner up Catlin Green of Davenport. most aggressive: Chad Winne of Davenport Center. Adults: Dora Cooke of Fly Creek, three-piece knitted baby set, child’s sweater, adult mittens, child or baby mittens, lap robe, and stuffed doll. Rachel Davis of West Warwick, R. I. adult mittens and sewing/embroider any item not listed. Jill Foerster of Laurens, child’s or baby mittens, two-piece child outfit, and child’s article of clothing. Jennifer Huntington of Cooperstown, any article knitted. Karen Johnson of Endicott, machine quilted quilt (best of show). Maureen Joy of Morris, afghan and any article crocheted. Vicky/Ed Lentz of New Lisbon, yarn 2-4 oz. skein naturally color. Teresa Mandracchia of South New Berlin, yarn 100% white wool. Jacqueline Manley of Hartwick, yarn naturally colored and accessory made from farm fiber. Myra Martano of Gilbertsville, three-piece baby set crocheted. Catherine McAdams of Maryland, wall hanging quilted and machine appliquéd and quilted quilt. Nicki McNeil of Gilbertsville, yarn 50 percent natural fibers and yarn 2-4 oz skein, camelid yarn. Irene Napolitano of South New Berlin, yarn camelid. yarn 2-4 oz skein 100% white wool. Small wearable item, and fleece to final project. Mary Oliver of Norwich, scarf or neck warmer and any article knitted. Kelly Paden of Sidney, cross stitch item. Pat Patterson of Mount Vision, decorated ready-made item. Diana Schwab of New Berlin, knitted or crocheted adult sweater, gloves, socks and hat. Barb Utter of Otego, carriage or crib quilt and machine pieced quilt. Donna Vunk of Edmeston, any article crocheted. Fine arts, K-4: Carly Bond of Burlington Flats, table decoration. Taryn Lund of Edmeston, craft of jewelry and objects of metal. Phinneaus Nichols of Edmeston, decoupage craft. Lillian Perrine of Mount Vision, any craft. any item made from a kit. Abigail White of Edmeston. oils/acrylic landscape and decorated ready made item. Emma White of Edmeston, sock puppet. Isabebella White of Edmeston. Gavin Zinger of Burlington Flats, Christmas tree decoration. Fine arts, Grades 5-8: Lena Andela of Richfield Springs, photography color scenic, any wildlife and house pets and color photo ag. animals. Sayre Connors of West Winfield,any craft item of quilling. Brandon Card of Morris, color still life. Michael Connors of West Winfield, sculptured craft item and b/w photo special effects. Source: www.thedailystar.com

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  • Fair Results: Aug. 17, 2015

    08/16/15 ,via The Daily Star

    Sandra Bennett of Otego: old cup and saucer. Anthony Clary of Old silver (not coins), old pewter, specimen of colored glass, pair of old vases, pair of candlesticks, pair of salt and pepper shakers, teapot, basket, souvenir, toy bank doll, bell

  • Glyndebourne's Ravel double bill comes close to perfection

    08/13/15 ,via Spectator.co.uk

    In this stunning set, originally designed by two Frenchwomen and adapted by a third, what leaps out is the number of clocks and what they are doing, visually and aurally, and the rest of the confusing furniture. Janacek is movingly and amusingly

  • You Can Fit an Ocean's Worth of Seafood into Your Budget at Kazy's Gourmet

    08/05/15 ,via Dallas Observer

    It was prepared to perfection and came lightly drizzled in some of the better eel sauce we've had in Dallas. Michelle also got a 70-cent green tea, which was a tea bag in a Styrofoam cup. If you want tea in a fancy Japanese tea set, you'll have to buy


Disney Beauty And The Beast Teapot Cup Set Mrs. Potts Chip Mug From Japan EMS http://t.co/4Idsu4DjLj http://t.co/OWav0UhHKs 08/15/15, @calvinmaneroc
CIC© All-in-One Teapot and Cup Set http://t.co/S1iHfwvogC #Etsy #Kitchen http://t.co/IzzhJoZ3CE 08/14/15, @JennieJamesRSL
@LecHannibal "I told you." He set the tray down carefully and took hold of the teapot, pouring into a cup. 08/11/15, @Hedge_Hog_John



  • Country Americana

    Antique Trader. 1996. ISBN: 0930625269,9780930625269. 380 pages.

    Country Americana has been a booming national market for nearly 20 years and continues to grow. This guide brings together the leading collectors, authors, and auctioneers in the field to create the most accurate coverage of the many specialized areas of this genre. The book covers 70 categories of collectibles, including kitchen collectibles, farm implements, woodworking tools, Early American glass, and folk art. 800 photos.

  • Glass Painting for the First Time

    Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.. 2015. ISBN: 1402708866,9781402708862. 112 pages.

    “To every crafts question, there is at least one answer, which is how crafter Sorensen approaches novices’ queries....Most of the 35 projects are fairly simple...such as a funky tea set coordinating different types of white ware through colorful stripes, dots, and circles. In contrast, the five artisans featured at the end reveal very upscale handicrafts, ready for purchase in any urban gift shop.”—Booklist.

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  • Opera review: Ravel Double Bill – Glyndebourne Festival Opera

    08/14/15 ,via The Daily Express

    Pelly's direction, immensely aided by the sets designed by Caroline Ginet and Florence Evrard ... with a small boy propped up on an impossibly huge chair at an equally vast table. Then the teapot and cup start dancing, characters come down from the ...

  • DNA proves President Harding fathered child out of wedlock

    08/13/15 ,via 8 ABC kait8.com

    Britton set off a Jazz Age sex scandal when she went public with her ... Historians rank Harding low among the presidents, and he is known mostly for the Teapot Dome scandal that took place during his administration. Family members who researched his ...

  • Prather’s Pick: Writing a story together

    08/12/15 ,via Craig Daily Press

    He takes a brown pencil from a container of colored pencils and draws a table. He “sets” the table with a teapot, a cup, and a spoon, and puts a flower in the center for decoration. “Once upon a time,” he writes, “ in a quiet little home ...

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Tea Set
Tea Set
Photo by karol.cc on Flickr
Child's Tea Set
Child's Tea Set
New Miniature porcelain tea set in antique store. Corpus Christi, Texas. Aug. 2010.
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tea time
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Rainbow Cup & Teapot Set 'Tea-For-One'
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Teapot, Cup & Saucer Tea For One Gift Set - English Norfolk Lavender ...
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Teapot and cup set - MO7343