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Teabloom Teapot Warmer (Universal Size) - Handcrafted with Heat Proof Borosilicate Clear Glass - Tea Light Candle Included by Teabloom

  • Dishwasher Safe; One Year Warranty by Teabloom.
  • 5" Diameter fits most teapots; The soft, rounded shape serves to...
  • Comes with one tea light candle; One tea light candle can warm your...


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The ideal way to enjoy the warmth and beauty of your tea longer. Made from durable hand-blown glass and stainless steel. One tea light candle can warm your tea for hours over a soft, flickering glow of candlelight. The soft, rounded shape serves to highlight the teapot placed on top. The stainless steel warming plate holds the teapot aloft. The circles provide ventilation as well as design details. Simple to use, just light the tea light candle in the center of the glass warmer and place the stainless steel grill on top. Place your already brewed tea atop the warmer to heat and keep warm for hours. Dishwasher Safe. Includes tea light candle. Enhance the experience with Teabloom's glass teapot and flowering teas.

Glass Teapot with Tea Warmer Lead Free Special Glass No Drip by Tea Beyond (Amber+Glass warmer, 20 oz) by Tea Beyond

  • Tea Beyond won multiple awards. AKA stamp recipient (Ashley Koff...
  • SPECIAL LEAD FREE GLASS-This glass teapot is made of special Lead...
  • MOUTH BLOWN-This gift set includes one glass teapot Amber Juliet 20...


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This gift set includes one glass teapot Amber Juliet 20 oz and one glass tea warmer Cozy. One of our signature design, designed and inspired by blooming teas, Teapot Amber Juliet 20 oz makes tea drinking an unforgettable experience. Crystal clear high quality glass allows tea lovers to watch each bloom unfolding. This mouth blown glass teapot comes with AMBER rose on top. CLEAR handle adds elegant touch to the design. This teapot is designed to be used for blooming tea. it can also be used to steep loose leave teas. The glass teapot Juliet is made of special lead free glass that can handle temperature shock. It allows you to pour directly boiling water or iced cold water in without breaking it. It's also dishwasher top rack and microwave safe. The special feature NON-DRIPPING makes tea drinking a more enjoyable experience. Its handle has anti slip design, which makes it easy to grab. Gift ready packaging. The tea warmer Cozy has a heat resistant lead free glass body, a standard tea light candle and a metal rack. It keeps your perfect tea warm and create great tea drinking atmosphere. Dishwasher top rack. Hand clean is recommended. Not Microwavable. Dimension L 5 x W 5 x H 3. Tea Beyond won the 2009 World Tea Champion and is a AKA stamp recipient (Ashley Koff Approved).The AKA stamp of approval is a trusted sign that the product, menu, recipe or gadget has been evaluated and approved by Celebrity Registered Dietitian Ashley Koff to be better quality and a healthier choice. Tea Beyond believes Better quality tea for Better Health. All tea Beyond products are made of materials from nature, such as glass, stainless steel, tea, herbs, et. No plastic parts. No GMO. No Artificial flavors or artificial addictive added. Our glass tea-wares are made of 20% recycled glass, better for the environment.


Vintage Teapot Scentsy Warmer

We are exciting to share with you Vintage Teapot Scentsy Warmer. New from our 2014 Fall & Winter catalog which is available starting September 1st.

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Eastwind Gifts 10016676 Teapot Oil Warmer by Rakuten.com

This little teapot hides an aromatic secret - it's not just a charming ceramic decoration! Lift the lid to uncover a basin that's ready for the scented oil of your choice, and behind the decorative cutouts is the perfect place to nestle a tea light candle. It will fill your room with scent and charm. Features Material - Ceramic Oil and candle not included. Size - 6 x 3 5/8 x 5 high in. Item Weight - 0.8 lbs.


Fragrance Foundry 10017713 3.88 x 3.13 x 5.38 in. Teapot Stove Oil Warmer by Rakuten.com

You simply wont find a more charming oil warmer than this! Its made from porcelain and the bottom looks like a pretty white stove with blue accents, while a lovely little teapot with a grape motif sits on top. Fill it with your favorite scented oils and light a tealight candle inside to fill your room with wonderful aroma. FeaturesTeapot Stove Oil Warmer Specifications Material: Porcelain Dimension: 3.88" x 3.13" x 5.38" Weight: 0.8 lbs


Make Yourself At Home, Part 3

in to our home, it takes on our colors, reflections and memories. So last week, we left off in the entry area and what you see when you walk in. Today, we were going to talk more about the rest of the house. We will come back to talk about the kitchen more when we leave the home. Let’s see what we have for today. One of the features you will see when you enter our door, is the fireplace. We love a fire and sitting around in the evening or even the day time in the colder months, and watching the fire. It is a cozy feeling and one that makes you want to gather there and rest a while. We all enjoy the living room to relax in. So in this case, you have something inviting for your guests to see when they come in the room. But even if you don’t have a fireplace or stove, your living room, or you may call it a family room, is usually one of the places people gather. It is a place where you can sit a while, and enjoy a visit. It’s a bit harder in my house because my living room is open to that whole end of the house. This becomes the place to gather on holidays, where laughs and fun take place. In my case, there are many memories to notice in this room:. A couple of tables that belonged to my mom, a couple of vintage lamps that I just love that sit on a table in each corner, a decorative balls with inspirational words on them in a beautiful wooden dish, a vase made from all the different woods in... I remember having to light that lantern to see in the barn before we got electrical lights. I love seeing these items each day and it never fails to bring good memories to my mind and heart. This room in my home has seen many holidays celebrations, and I hope it sees many more. It is a space I enjoy sitting in. As the morning sun casts rays across the room, I enjoy my quiet time with my mocha in hand. I enjoy a home that is well used and our home is just that. I love light so my windows are always open to the light and we don’t worry about faded furniture. We sit, lay, play, dream, deep chats, and at times, even eat there. One of the reasons I try to keep it tidy so that when someone walks through the door, they will see an inviting space. In my home, I don’t have a lot of room to consider how I place my furniture, so I have placed it how it fits best into the area, and where it is easy to communicate with others. But if you have the room, look at what would be the best place to set a couch or chair, set up a sitting area with a chair, side table and lamp, so you have a nice place to read a book or have quiet time. The way my living room is, I can be cooking and see what is going on in the living room and I like that. My grandson can play there and I am still able to be working in the kitchen if I need to. We are still trying to work out some streamlining of our furniture and items…that is an ongoing project right there. We both love books, my sweetie is a crazy book lover, so we have many in different places in our home. However, those kinds of items in a home shows what you enjoy and tells your story. You want the home to reflect who you are as a family and what your interests are. No matter how your home is set up, each area or room should be welcoming. You may even have his or her places, such as a den for him and a hobby room for her. In our case, I have an office and it is the first place I set up when we have made our many moves. But it is important that those two areas reflect who you are and who he is. Add personal touches like a candle, a dish with rose petals, shells gathered from the beach, or whatever speaks to you. I think it is important for our homes to be a place to gather and enjoy. While our lives get hectic and schedules can over take us, it’s nice to have a comfortable home to come back to. I prefer that the living room is a place you can sit, lay, grab a pillow or two, and an afghan to cover up for a rest, and still be... As Ethan, our grandson, has grown up around our home, he has just learned about what is out. Source: Journeys of My Heart Blog

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Big Glass Candle Warmer Base for Big Teapot Heat Resistant - Full read by eBay http://t.co/psTz5uyhKR http://t.co/hRUSAyoJ1M 08/12/15, @Heujko__Ziuwzu
Big Glass Candle Warmer Base for Big Teapot Heat Resistant - Full read by eBay http://t.co/GtVgYDvguc http://t.co/UgMg4y6i6c 08/11/15, @Xuofbo__Hounli
Big Glass Candle Warmer Base for Big Teapot Heat Resistant - Full read by eBay http://t.co/ENmZVY59zt http://t.co/39HWsEJxTK 08/11/15, @Ruizlu__Quiklo


  • Mocha Cinnamon Warmer

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  • Teapot Cake

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    The Sencha Tea Maker and Warmer Set features a teapot with a large, easy to fill strainer. The tea is possible to serve without removing the strainer. Tea Warmer is made from matte-finished stainless steel with room for a tealight candle (3cm diameter in ...

  • Value Of Old Teapot Isn't Steep

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    I inherited my teapot with warmer from my grandmother ... The trademark is owned by Candle Corp. of America. Sterno is still used to warm chafing dishes and to cook on camp stoves. Your S. Sternau teapot and warming frame would retail for about $65.

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    Q: I inherited my teapot and warmer from my grandmother and I am guessing that it ... The trademark is now owned by Candle Corporation of America. Sterno is still used to warm chafing dishes and cook on camp stoves. Your S. Sternau teapot and warming ...

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GROSCHE Cairo Premium Teapot Warmer with tea lite candle. For glass teapot and other heatproof dish warming use. by GROSCHE

Tea Pot Candle Warmer | eBay

Find great deals on eBay for Tea Pot Candle Warmer in Teapots for the Kitchen. Shop with confidence.

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These nice candles are used to keep the chocolate or tea hot, they are put under the teapots and the little flames warm the teapots :) See where this picture was taken. [?]
Photo by agelakis on Flickr
Day 5 - Hot tea on a cold day... 2
Day 5 - Hot tea on a cold day... 2
Having a cup of tea at Izumi sushi bar at lunch.
Photo by Mourner on Flickr
Hot tea on a cold day... 3
Hot tea on a cold day... 3
Having a cup of tea at Izumi sushi bar at lunch.
Photo by Mourner on Flickr
Concerto Teapot with Candle Warmer (30 oz.)
Concerto Teapot with Candle Warmer (30 oz.)
Teapot Candle Warmer Kit
Teapot Candle Warmer Kit
Ceramic teapot warmer uses tealight candle (not included)
Ceramic teapot warmer uses tealight candle (not included)