Teapot Dome Scandal Political Cartoon


The Teapot Dome Scandal

This short animation is designed to help students remember the Teapot Dome Scandal. Teachers can integrate this into the topic and/or encourage students to.

The Forgotten Constitutional Freedom - The Market Oracle

In the United States the steady passage of new federal laws and official regulations for eighty years has created a crazy quilt of often contradictory prohibitions, subsidies and legal rights. The United States Code now fills two long bookshelves with the Code of Federal Regulations occupying twice that shelf space in the law library. At once, for instance, the United States subsidizes tobacco farmers for producing their harvest and then plunders and terrorizes the cigarette industry who process the product for consumer use. When the civil rights movement for racial equality succeeded in 1964 in ending official segregation as a lawful practice, what followed were racial quotas and legal preferences in a new form of racial lawmaking. The First Amendment right to free speech is as simple and comprehensive a limit on government as can be found in the law. It is also the “right” most cherished by Americans. But to suppress free speech the Congress and the President create secrecy laws concerning government activities meant to hound potential whistleblowers into remaining silent on the threat of decades of imprisonment. People who speak out about official abuses are subject to the fear and blackmail fostered by the US mass surveillance state, a largely hidden branch of government that is based on different federal laws than the Bill of Rights. How did the mountain of federal decrees become so myopic as to be comic in so many ways. Is it true the Congress at a given time can be bought or otherwise persuaded of just about anything, even opposing things at the same time. The law is now as transitory and confusing as the weather is. It was not always so. The American Way. From the passage of the US Constitution in 1792 until the time of the 20th Century Great Depression 140-years later, the Congress simply had no authority to pass laws to manage the national economy or to delve into overseeing the day-to-day... Standing in the way was the history-long dedication of the nation to free market capitalism and rugged individualism. The American national creed was anathema to vast new powers in the Congress for directing the economy. The nation demanded a level playing-field for all in the economy. Beyond tradition, this lassie faire American economic model was enforced by the Constitution itself. This fundamental American liberty to freely engage in commerce, so central to the workings of the American Dream, was the firmest of barriers against a craven, power mad Congress screwing up the plans and dreams of its citizens. In 1905 the constitutional right to contract of every American was affirmed resoundingly by the US Supreme Court in striking down a New York maximum work-hours law. New York Even the States had to protect the constitutional right to contract. It was the sudden abolition of this basic liberty from the operation of the Constitution in short order that has directly led to the many tyrannies and contradictions from Washington, D. C. that are strangling the nation today. The goliath central government in the United States was born of desperation, as is often the case in human affairs, a forced collectivization of diverse peoples in an existential crisis, like war or economic implosion. With the coming to office of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933 the nation remained in an economic dead-end like never before, beginning with the 1929 stock market crash. The Great Depression was the first big financial bust spawned by bubble-blowing at the Federal Reserve through cheap credit for the wealthy and powerful. President Hoover had tried to stimulate the national economy in the wake of the bust through increased federal spending on crisis relief and the issuance of more cheap credit by the Federal Reserve, including becoming “lender of last resort” to... These new-fangled economic remedies so far clearly were not working. Ramshackle “Hoovervilles” and soup-lines dotted the nation till the day Hoover left office. The decision was made by FDR to double-down on Keynesian monetary-priming and to add a host of new work programs and economic dictates to industry and agriculture that would all allegedly lead to rediscovering economic growth through this top-down... Source: www.marketoracle.co.uk

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  • The Forgotten Constitutional Freedom

    06/14/15 ,via The Market Oracle

    How did the mountain of federal decrees become so myopic as to be comic in so many ways? Is it true the Congress at a given time can be bought or . Roberts rose to fame with his investigation of the Teapot Dome affair where official corruption in

  • Government sells Teapot Dome on the level, this time

    01/30/15 ,via Politico

    Almost a century later, the Teapot Dome scandal is finally over. The Energy Department on Friday finalized a deal to sell off the infamous Wyoming oilfield that was at the center of one of the 20th century's biggest political scandals. Story Continued

  • Throwback Tulsa: Historic Sinclair Building linked to Teapot Dome scandal

    02/01/15 ,via Tulsa World

    So said one newspaper reporter when Harry Ford Sinclair was acquitted in the Teapot Dome bribery and corruption scandal in the 1920s. According to legend, the ninth floor penthouse of his company headquarters in Tulsa is where Sinclair devised his plan 


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  • The Teapot Dome Scandal

    Capstone. 2007. ISBN: 0756533368,9780756533366. 96 pages.

    Chronicles the 1921 scandal in which Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall leased oil reserves without competitive bidding in exchange for sizeable sums of money.

  • The 1920s Decade in Photos

    Enslow Publishers, Inc.. 2010. ISBN: 0766031314,9780766031319. 64 pages.

    Describes the important world, national, and cultural developments of the decade 1920-1929.

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  • 5 Most Underrated U.S. Presidents of All Time

    07/03/15 ,via The National Interest

    He’s viewed as a kind of political laughing stock ... He is excoriated for the famous Teapot Dome scandal involving his attorney general, interior secretary and postmaster general, venal characters who brought into the government a collection of ...

  • Scandalized Teapot Dome oilfield finally off the books

    01/31/15 ,via Telegraph Herald

    CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- A private company finally will be able to drill legally for oil at Teapot Dome, a remote Wyoming oilfield that remains best known for a political scandal that embroiled the administration of President Warren G. Harding in the early 1920s.

  • Government Sells Scandalized Teapot Dome Oilfield For $45 Million

    01/30/15 ,via DC Cbslocal

    (AP) — A private company finally will be able to drill legally for oil at Teapot Dome, a remote Wyoming oilfield that remains best known for a political scandal that embroiled ... the sale of the 9,481-acre Teapot Dome oilfield to New York-based Stranded ...


Teapot Dome Scandal | United States history | Britannica.com

Teapot Dome Scandal, also called Oil Reserves Scandal or Elk Hills Scandal, Teapot Dome Scandal: cartoon ... While “Teapot Dome” entered the American political ...

Teapot Dome Scandal: cartoon | Encyclopedia Britannica

Multimedia for Teapot Dome Scandal: cartoon. ... Teapot Dome Scandal: cartoon. Political cartoon depicting the Teapot Dome Scandal of the early 1920s.

The Teapot Dome Scandal - American Politics |

The Teapot Dome Scandal. This cartoon depicts the "steamrolling" effect of the Teapot Dome oil scandal of the Harding Administration in the 1920s. D.

Teapot Dome Scandal Political Cartoon
Teapot Dome Scandal Political Cartoon
... Teapot Dome Scandal. Albert Bacon Fall. Political cartoon depicting
... Teapot Dome Scandal. Albert Bacon Fall. Political cartoon depicting
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