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Tea Cup Pinata by Aztec Imports Pinatas

  • Tea Pot Pinata measures 18 inches high by 15 inches long by 11...
  • Kids will love the decorative accents on this pinata
  • Makes a fun party game for girly tea parties


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This adorable purple Tea Cup Pinata makes the perfect decoration and party game to any girls tea party or birthday party! Tea Pot Pinata measures 12 inches high by 10 inches long by 10 inches deep and can be filled with up to 2lbs of toys and candy (sold separately). Decorated with tissue paper and print cutouts featuring beautiful flowers for a girly touch.

Talking Tables Truly Alice Hanging Teapot Bunting (13 Ft.) for a Tea Party, Multicolor by Talking Tables

  • Part of the stunning Truly Alice party range from Talking Tables
  • 4 meters of wonderfully whimsical teapot bunting
  • Drape your teapot bunting in doors or in the garden


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Yes that's it! Said the hunter with a sigh, it's always tea time Wonderfully whimsical teapot bunting perfect for all Mad Hatters at afternoon tea parties and Birthdays! Drape your teapot bunting in doors or in the garden to add a whimsical touch to your celebrations. Each pack contains 4 meters of bunting & 16 pennants in 8 curious designs. In homage to Lewis Carroll's classic novel, the Truly Alice range from Talking Tables is full of quirky goodies with that tea party twist that Alice in Wonderland is so well known for. The perfect theme for summer weddings, garden and tea parties, thanks to its whimsical styling and English references.


#ad | HOW TO: Bake a Piñata Cake with Belle's Boutique!

Laura & baby Harrison from Bellles Boutique shows us how to create a stunning pink gradient piñata cake - perfect for those with a sweet tooth. *Contains paid.

Family traditions make memories - Aitkin Independent Age

I have fond memories of the traditions my parents started when I was a little boy. One of my favorites was the annual weekend camping trip. My parents started this tradition in 1977. They decided to invite the whole family on a weekend camping trip to St. Croix State Park near Hinckley. Several of my siblings were married and had started families of their own. We all came together that weekend and had a wonderful time. Little did we know that it would be the first of many camping weekends…a new tradition. My parents chose the location for the first three years, but then it was decided that each year the next sibling in line would pick the location. Many of us would travel to various campgrounds before we found the perfect one to choose for the family weekend. When we first started the event, there were between 20 and 25 people with siblings, spouses and grandchildren. As our families have grown, the group swelled to between 50 and 60 people. During this weekend, several new traditions were started as well. With all the young children, my parents started bringing a piñata for Sunday afternoon. As the number of grandchildren grew, so did the number of piñatas. As the years have gone by, this has become one of the highlights of the weekend as grandchildren with fond memories of the activity watch their children participate. We came up with crazy ideas and then performed in front of the family. I still remember some of them, like when the five brothers did the Polish Ski Team training session, trying to walk on two 2x4s that our shoes were nailed to, or the time my family did the little teapot/sugar bowl. We held the 39th family camping trip on the weekend of July 10-12 at Camp Vanasek in Baxter. We have lost loved ones along this journey and as we gathered this year, we wonder how our family will change before next year’s event. My dad turned 90 this year and my mom, 83. Both of them are struggling with their health, but they both were there for the annual camping trip to continue the tradition that was started so many years ago. As we have grown older, some traditions have changed, but we still go camping one weekend every summer. The talent show stopped once the great-grandchildren started coming and life became busier. The piñata is still a favorite but we are back to one or two as the number of small children declines. The camping tradition has changed for my parents and my siblings now that all of our children have grown and moved on, but I think it gives all of us joy to know that our children have started their own traditions. My wife Tammy and I travel to the weekend camping trip to be with my siblings, but we have now started camping with our adult children and have started our own camping weekend. I don’t know, but I hope and pray that our traditions will carry on forever. I know life can get busy and often we are distracted from spending time with family. I hope all of you will enjoy the rest of the summer, and if you don’t have a tradition now, start one with your family. Source: www.messagemedia.co

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  • Family traditions make memories

    07/25/15 ,via Aitkin Independent Age

    With all the young children, my parents started bringing a piñata for Sunday afternoon. As the number of grandchildren grew, so did the number of piñatas! As the years have gone by, this has become I still remember some of them, like when the five

  • Mailbag: Awkward Jim Harbaugh, Baylor's schedule

    07/02/15 ,via ESPN (blog)

    Ultimately, this is a tempest in a teapot, one of those new media moments that pops and then disappears. The only way it ever becomes relevant again is if Harbaugh flames out at Michigan inside of five years and folks trying to connect the dots as to

  • Michelle Obama headscarf 'scandal' is bogus

    01/29/15 ,via CNN

    So it looks like this is the scandal that wasn't. A non-tempest, if you will. But there was a teapot. The story made headlines because people in the United States and in the West feel a scandal in the relationship, because much of what goes on in Saudi


  • Teapot Cake

    pound cake, food coloring, frosting, food coloring

  • Margarita Punch

    sprite, lemonade, limeade concentrate, ice, lime, powdered sugar


  • The Sleepers Almanac No. 7

    Sleepers Publishing. 2015. ISBN: 9781742702995,1742702996. 368 pages.

    Every year, Sleepers assembles a motley crue of new and established (but mostly new - mostly never heard of) writers for their critically acclaimed collection of short fiction (with occasional miscellany): The Sleepers Almanac. This year sees new stories from people the eds had previously not heard of, including the incredibly talented likes of Isabelle Li and Julie Koh. But there are names that might be familiar, too, to those who love short stories: Brad Bryant, Pierz Newton-John, or Sian Prior, perhaps better known for her journalism, but proving that she knows how to wrangle a story too. What makes the Almanac different is its breadth. The Almanac, which focuses on new and emerging authors, is the result of a slush-pile read, where writers from all over the country have been...

  • Labradoodle on the Loose

    Piccadilly Press. 2011. ISBN: 9781848121898,184812189X. 196 pages.

    Three more fantastic Tribe stories in one book! When Bee’s dog Doodle runs off, the Tribers get involved in the dog hunt. Meanwhile, Fifty is accused of kidnapping his own baby sister! Bee wants to have the best birthday ever. Her mother cooks up an Italian feast and Tribe come over to celebrate, But Bee’s two brothers start a party of their own and Bee’s birthday is ruined. Then the Tribers have a better idea . . . Callum has always been Tribe’s number one enemy, with his sidekick Jamie coming a close second. However, when Callum is unjustly accused, the Tribers decide they have to clear Callum’s name.

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  • Inside L.A.'s piñata district in the age of Donald Trump

    07/23/15 ,via CNN

    He garnered more support than Bush from older voters, according to a recent CNN poll. And a number of surveys have showed that he does very well among tea party backers. His message seems to be resonating most with Republicans, according to a Fox News poll ...

  • Owners of Texas piñata store find crews demolishing their building and giving away loot

    02/13/15 ,via Raw Story

    The owners of a Texas piñata shop watched their business essentially turned into piñata as crews demolished the building and handed out their merchandise. Sergio Lejarazu arrived Tuesday morning at the East Austin shop he’s operated for eight years and ...

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    Check out these completely brilliant cakes - all with a hidden surprise… Piñata Cake with Chocolates Look at this beautiful piñata cake stuffed with goodies. A great idea for a kids’ party - imagine that lot tumbling out when you cut into it. It was ...

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god is a satellite, a solo orange nightlight at noon in July— as impotent as a clip-on tie. Judas Iscariot is my co-pilot in a low chariot swing riot; my broken neck piñata. How many bullets are on this planet? How many children are raped daily? Which person is right about my spirit, And which prayer will guard my body? satan is my bald spot, blood clot, the red hot teapot           bubbling on my neck. jesus is my rogaine cocaine champagne; the stinky stain from my pregnant nine-year-old plain Jane; the fuel in my 747 wreck. Africa to Asia to the Arctic to America, Mt. Toba all over! 160,000-year-old ephemera, Ants on a taut red balloon. the virgin is my big bang,           mind-brain dependence                     on the antecedent decedent son. World Trade Center divers are the snare drum           of we germs' dirge....
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Teapot Pinata
Teapot Pinata
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Teapot Pinata
Teapot Pinata