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M3969 Cup-Cats: 10 Assorted Blank All-Occasion Note Cards Are Filled to the Brim With Adorable Kitten Cuteness, w/White Envelopes. by The Best Card Company

  • North American based, our proprietary, eco-friendly,...
  • Card inside is blank. Perfect stationery for writing All Occasions...
  • 10 beautiful assorted (4'' x 5 ¼'') Blank, All Occasions note cards...


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Product Description

These unique note cards are packaged in a complementary-themed set featuring 10 carefully edited, gallery-quality assorted images, each different yet closely related. We offer a broad collection of everyday and seasonal designs, presented in a wide variety of artistic styles. Available blank or with a greeting, this versatile note card set is printed in the U.S. on high-quality, recycled stock and packaged in a design-specific and color-coordinated custom box featuring a visual reference of the entire series contained within.10 Assorted Thank You Note Cards Are Filled to the Brim With Adorable Kitten Cuteness, with White Envelopes. These delightful note cards don't compromise the high standards, attention to detail and production quality our company has been known since 1980. Each of the assorted series packs in 10 fabulous, theme-related designs intended to deliver a beautiful stationery set and a big bang for your buck. Most designs are available blank or with a greeting; these versatile note cards are a great and easy way to correspond. The Best Card Company - and NobleWorks - is a small, family-owned business, and while our online Amazon store is how you came to know us, our iconic, signature line of humorous, funny cards and beautifully designed boxed note card sets have been for sale in select brick-and-mortar stores for years.

MNYR Vintage Kettle Teapot Gift Cards Sealing Art Wax Seal Stamp Rosewood Handle Decorative Wedding Invitations Gift Cards Paper Stationary Envelope Custom Logo Picture Wax Seal Sealing Stamp Set by MNYR

  • We can do custom Wax Seal stamps, rings and embossers! Just send...
  • Stamp Symbol: Kettle Teapot Decorative. It's great to use it on...
  • Seal Diameter 25mm/30mm,depends on the design . If you want other...


Product Description

Stamp Sizes:
Total Length: 3.5" (9.0 cm);
Handle Length: 2.8" (7.0 cm);
Stamp Diameter: 25mm/30mm. An additional fee may be charged if you want personalized sizes;
Handle Material: Rosewood Handle

It's great to use them on wedding invitations, gifts, presents or other stationary!
The Seal head is removable! It's easily install or exchange to a different stamp!
Stamp the monogram or your own design on invitations, it's pretty cool!

We can do custom stamps! Just send the picture of your design to us, we'll make it happen!
We can do different sizes stamps, and differenct shapes stamps.
The seal head is metal! So you can stamp it on soap or other products. :)

We can do personalized wax seal stamps, rings and embossers! Please contact us for the details! :)
Please visit my store for more Tools and amazing items! :)


3D Teapot


Life Lines - The New Yorker

Using a pencil and a ruler, Lonni Sue Johnson lovingly traced a blue line across a sheet of graph paper. Skipping down four rows, she drew another line. Then she flipped the page on its side and began making a grid. She didn’t look up when her sister, Aline, and her mother, Maggi, reminded her that it was time to stop. For Johnson, who is sixty-four, it never feels like time to stop. Many days, she draws so much—from rigid geometric compositions to winsome cartoon animals—that pencil shavings pile up on the floor like autumn leaves. Lately, Johnson draws for pleasure, but for three decades she had a happily hectic career as an illustrator, sometimes presenting clients with dozens of sketches a day. several other cards were sold for years at ’s gift shop. Johnson produced half a dozen covers for this magazine, including one, from 1985, that presented a sunny vision of an artist’s life: a loft cluttered with pastel canvases, each of them depicting a fragment of the skyline that is framed by a... It’s as if the paintings were jigsaw pieces, and the city a puzzle being solved. Now Johnson is obsessed with making puzzles. Many times a day, she uses her grids as foundations for elaborate arrangements of letters on a page—word searches by way of Mondrian. For all the dedication that goes into her puzzles, however, they are confounding creations: very few are complete. She is assembling one of the world’s largest bodies of unfinished art. At the moment, Johnson, who lives in New Jersey, was drawing at a table in a scuffed laboratory in the psychology department at Princeton University. Aline, who is sixty, had driven her there. Down the hall was an fMRI scanner, which maps a person’s mental activity in real time, showing where oxygenated blood flows in the brain during acts of cognition. Seen through a glass partition, the machine, a white plastic tube whose interior was illuminated by green light, suggested a giant eye. It was 8:30. , and in twenty minutes Johnson’s head would be inserted into the iris. Soon after the scanning was complete, Johnson—who for the past seven years has had uncommonly profound amnesia—would forget that the procedure had happened. Nicholas Turk-Browne, a cognitive neuroscientist at Princeton, entered the lab and greeted Johnson in the insistently zippy manner of a kindergarten teacher: “Lonni Sue. We’re going to put you in a kind of space machine and take pictures of your brain. ” A Canadian with droopy dark-brown hair, he typically speaks with mellow precision. Though they had met some thirty times before, Johnson continued to regard him as an amiable stranger. Turk-Browne is one of a dozen scientists, at Princeton and at Johns Hopkins, who have been studying her, with Aline and Maggi’s consent. Aline told me, “When we realized the magnitude of Lonni Sue’s illness, my mother and I promised each other to turn what could be a tragedy into something which could help others. ” Cognitive science has often gained crucial insights by studying people with singular brains, and Johnson is the first person with profound amnesia to be examined extensively with an fMRI. Several papers have been published about Johnson, and the researchers say that she could fuel at least a dozen more. “It’s experiment time,” Aline said. ” She is tenderly invested in Johnson doing her best. For twenty years, Aline was a computer programmer for the treasurer’s office of Princeton, but she now devotes her time to Lonni Sue. Before Johnson’s illness, Aline was auditing Princeton courses in cognitive neuroscience, including one that explored memory disorders. She finds it fascinating “to try to understand what Lonni Sue’s world is like,” and this helps her “survive day after day” of guiding someone who “doesn’t realize the impact of her illness. ” Aline and Maggi believe that the intellectual stimulation provided by scientists is a form of therapy. The universities pay Johnson twelve to twenty dollars an hour, and though she cannot remember granting consent, she is asked for it before a round of studies begins. Johnson kept staring at her drawing. tendrils of her long brown hair brushed the page. Turk-Browne noted that, inside the machine, she would look at pictures that would spark. Source: www.newyorker.com

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    03/23/15 ,via The New Yorker

    If her life is an endless ride on a stationary bike, she pedals away with unflagging brio. This bustling personality is a preserved trait. Before her .. The teapot balances on a wobbly stack of New York Timeses. Conversation floats up to mix with

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  • Teapot Cake

    pound cake, food coloring, frosting, food coloring


  • Introducing Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2011

    John Wiley & Sons. 2010. ISBN: 9780470944240,0470944242. 624 pages.

    An Autodesk Official Training Guide to 3ds Max 2011 3ds Max is a popular 3D animation-and-effects software used in movies, visual effects, games, cartoons, short films, commercials, and other animation. However, it also presents a number of challenges to newcomers. This introduction to the latest version breaks down the complexities of learning 3D software and walks you through the basics of modeling, texturing, animating, and using visual effects. Real-world examples from talented beginning 3ds max users motivate you to learn the software and helpful tutorials offer realistic, professional challenges for you to unravel. In addition, each chapter is richly illustrated with workflows to make learning 3ds max 2011 much easier and fn. Introduces you to the basics of modeling, texturing,...

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  • $2,500 Donated To Teapot Restoration

    12/29/14 ,via The Intelligencer

    For a stationary landmark, the Chester "World's Largest Teapot" sure gets around. Chester residents who support the teapot restoration effort marvel at how many people outside the area know about the teapot and how word of the project is spreading.

  • VIDEO: Chocolate Teapot made a reality

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    Usually used as the definition of useless, the chocolate teapot, has now been made a reality by top scientists. Two of Britain's favourite things were combined in this unusual tea pot created by scientists and engineers. At the Nestle Product Technology ...

  • Room with a brew: teapot home on sale for £10,000

    03/11/14 ,via Deadline News

    SCOTLAND’S strangest house, a two-storey detached property shaped like a teapot, has attracted interest from as far as Cambridge after going on the market. With a guide price of £10,000 “The Magical Teapot” near the village of Lilliesleaf in the ...


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24 hour shipping on most orders. Customizable Teapot stationery from Zazzle.com - Pick your favorite Teapot stationery from thousands of available designs.

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Tea themed note cards, greeting cards and tea party invitations. Tea cup and teapot letterhead, sticky notes, stickers and return address labels.

Milky Way Sgr/Aql, Àger #1
Milky Way Sgr/Aql, Àger #1
Stationary shot of the southern Milky Way. Teapot ready to pour. Altair top right. f = 18 mm, f/3.5, 800 ISO, 2 min, Canon 400D; Àger, Catalunya. Taken 2014-10-17.
Photo by horstm42 on Flickr
Tea Cup & Teapot Note Cards, Stationery, Stickers, Bookmarks
Tea Cup & Teapot Note Cards, Stationery, Stickers, Bookmarks
Teapot Picture in Neutral Colors. Stationery
Teapot Picture in Neutral Colors. Stationery
blue and white teapot chintz teapot lily teapot data not
blue and white teapot chintz teapot lily teapot data not