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Happy Sales HSTW5, Cast Iron Teapot Warmer ARR Black by Happy Sales

  • Heavy Cast Iron Construction
  • Use with 1 Tea light (not Included)
  • Dimensions: 6" W x 3" H



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Product Description

This is a very unique and beautiful cast iron Tetsubin teapot warmer. This warmer is made of strong, heavy cast iron, with a Black finish. The warmer has a grid on top for placing teapots and a tea light holder underneath. This teapot warmer is a great addition to any collection or table setting! Top portion of warmer is removable and can be used as a trivet. Candle not included. Approximate Dimensions: 6" W x 3" H.

Happy Sales HSTV-ABK01 , Cast Iron Trivet ARR Black by Happy Sales

  • Black cast iron trivet
  • Happy Sales HSTV-ABK01 , Cast Iron Trivet ARR Black
  • Diameter: 5 1/4"


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Product Description

This attractive cast iron trivet let you serve a pot of hot tea without worrying about damaging your table. It is traditionally designed for holding hot cast iron teapot (tetsubin) and has 3 legs underneath for stability. Cast ironware is praised worldwide for their beauty, strength, and superb quality. Diameter: 5 1/4".


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Fluttering Leaf Teapot and Cups With Phoenix Oolong Tea Set by The New York Times Company Store

Blue and white porcelain is arguably China's most well-known, easily recognized, and popular design. Tranquil Tuesdays Blue and White Fluttering Leaf Collection re-imagines this distinctly Chinese and iconic pattern with a contemporary, chic touch. The Tranquil Tuesdays Fluttering Leaf set with Phoenix Honey Orchid Oolong Tea is exclusive to The New York Times Store and arrives in a Tranquil Tuesdays for The New York Times wooden gift box. A delightful gift for any occasion that is sure to impress. Brewing Guidelines: Enjoy 1.5 tablespoons of Tranquil Tuesdays Phoenix Honey Orchid Oolong tea with one cup (about 8oz or 250mL) of filtered or spring water at 100 C/ 212 F. They recommend a quick tea rinse to awaken and open the tealeaves: pour the water over the tea, wait five to ten seconds, then dispose of the water. Next, steep the tea for up to fifteen seconds, lengthening the steeping time with each subsequent infusion. Take care as oolong teas can quickly become astringent from over-steeping. Experiment and adjust according to your own preferences and taste. Tranquil Tuesdays partners with artists in Chinas ancient porcelain capital, Jingdezhen, to design and craft their unique and beautiful teaware pieces. To source their premium teas, they travel throughout rural China to search for the most delicious teas from small family-owned farms. They work directly with the families who grow, pick, and handcraft their teas, and they visit often to be able to source in small, fresh batches. Additionally, Tranquil Tuesdays is committed to the importance of provenance. Honoring the traditions of high quality tea craftsmanship, each of their teas comes from its region of historical growing origin linked to its distinctive flavor, or terroir. Tranquil Tuesdays is committed to showcasing unblended and unscented teas, allowing you the chance to discover the rich and exciting taste of a teas natural harvest. As this item is on sale, no further discounts or coupon codes apply.


Words that Dance

Sometimes when I’m reading a passage the words dance right off the page and into my heart. At other times, I may read pages and pages or even entire books without having this happen at all. It’s the reason I read. It may be a description of a place I’ve never been or a place I love. A few words of wisdom often passed along by the author in the guise of a wild or lovable or eccentric character. So, my favorite books are full of dogeared pages and underlines and stars and sticky notes. I selected a few at random from my shelves, checked out the sticky notes, and found the words that had first “danced” off the page… I pick up Billy Collins when I leave for an appointment or a trip or when I have only a few minutes for a cup of... His slim collections of poetry on my bookshelf are full of colorful sticky notes to mark my favorites. These words are from a poem titled, “A Question About Birds” in the collection, Aimless Love: New and Selected Poems. There’s a special place on my bookshelf, too, for Paulo Coelho. When I started reading Manuscript Found in Accra I decided not to underline or draw stars or fold over corners of pages. I would have ruined the book as there are so many little bits of wisdom scattered throughout. It was tough to make a decision, but here are a few… "Chili is a likable protagonist, and her descriptions of family and friends make them fully realized characters in their own right. "Told in beautifully crafted vignettes. "She [the author] does such a good job [description of steam rising from a country road after a rain] that one can't help but let other senses kick in. " -- READ magazine. a charming collection of anecdotes from a girl coming of age in Appalachia in 1975. " -- The Washington Times. vignettes that warm the heart and kindle hope about family, friendship, and the meaning of home. " -- San Miguel Community Connections, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Source: Kite Dreams

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  • What's It Worth: Carved swan sofa and Arthur Wood teapot

    08/30/15 ,via Richmond Times-Dispatch

    QUESTION: I recently bought a teapot at a yard sale. I read on the Internet that the maker, Arthur Wood, is no longer in business and that the pieces are hard to find. It is marked with Wood's name and a serial number. I saw several similar Wood

  • A gobs of stuff 'garage' sale happening in Floyd

    09/04/15 ,via Roanoke Times

    Perplexed as to what to do with the loot, which Gralla estimated includes about 400 pounds of silverware alone, the partners have planned a three-day indoor yard sale in hopes of finding the items a good home and perhaps reconnecting them with their 

  • Morton Grove Civic Center to host Belize Tea and Cultural Celebration

    08/31/15 ,via Chicago Tribune

    The myriad of teapots guests may see at the 8th annual Tea and Cultural Celebration on Sept. 27 at the Morton Grove Civic Center. Tickets are on sale for $25 for adults and $10 for children 10 and under. The event will begin at 2:30 p.m.. For more 


Teapots 7 ornate teapots for sale via @Preloved http://t.co/jfbuDP68ph 09/05/15, @Mayorion2012


  • Sotheby's Taiwan

    1998. 46 pages.
  • The Story of Tea

    Jame Jame.

    Whether it's a delicate green tea or a bracing Assam black, a cup of tea is a complex brew of art and industry, tradition and revolution, East and West. In this sweeping tour through the world of tea, veteran tea traders Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss chronicle tea's influence across the globe and provide a complete reference for choosing, drinking, and enjoying this beverage. The Story of Tea begins with a journey along the tea trail, from the lush forests of China, where tea cultivation first flourished, to the Buddhist temples of Japan, to the vast tea gardens of India, and beyond. Offering an insider'­s view of all aspects of tea trade, the Heisses examine Camellia sinensis, the tea bush, and show how subtle differences in territory and production contribute to the diversity of...

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  • Chinese paintings and works of art rich in symbolism characterize Gianguan Auctions' September 12th Sale

    08/31/15 ,via artdaily.org

    The elevation of scholarship is apparent in the craftsmanship displayed in items as varied a carved jades, antique ceramics, and jewelry and teapots. A collection of ... of rocky outcroppings. The pre-sale estimate is $10,000,000 to $15,000,000.

  • Colorado firm brokers Teapot Dome sale

    02/02/15 ,via The Business Journal

    Meagher Energy Advisors Inc., the Colorado company hired by the U.S. Department of Energy last year to broker the sale of the Teapot Dome oilfield in Wyoming, announced Monday the deal has closed. Stranded Oil Resources Corp., a subsidiary of New York ...

  • Wyoming: U.S. Government Sells Teapot Dome Field

    01/31/15 ,via New York Times

    A private company will finally be able to legally drill in the Teapot Dome oil field. The Energy Department said Friday that it had sold the oil field to New York-based Stranded Oil Resources for $45.2 million. Most of the easily accessible oil in the ...

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Garage Sale Teapot
Garage Sale Teapot
We picked this up today from a neighbor's garage sale. I've never seen anything like it. Three pieces of ceramic held with metal into this most curious tea pot. Anyone know anything about it?
Photo by Choconancy1 on Flickr
Garage Sale Teapot
Garage Sale Teapot
We picked this up today from a neighbor's garage sale. I've never seen anything like it. Three pieces of ceramic held with metal into this most curious tea pot. Anyone know anything about it?
Photo by Choconancy1 on Flickr
tin teapot
tin teapot
This is a teapot I bought at a yard sale.I really like how it looks, so I drew it in Inkscape. I tried using a wood pattern for the knob and a scratchy pattern for the scratches in the tin from cgtextures.com.
Photo by Cookieater2009 on Flickr
Vintage Teapots For Sale - Bing Images
Vintage Teapots For Sale - Bing Images
Image by pinterest.com
Before I show you some Yixing teapots for sale, let's have a look at ...
Before I show you some Yixing teapots for sale, let's have a look at ...
Sadler Teapots for Sale!
Sadler Teapots for Sale!