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Iwachu 29-Ounce Japanese Iron Hobnail Tetsubin Teapot, Large, Black by Iwachu

  • 29 ounce capacity
  • Not for use over an open flame
  • Removable stainless steel mesh infuser basket



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Japanese tetsubin (iron teapots) evolved from larger vessels used centuries ago to heat water for tea and provide warmth and humidity in the home during the winter. The hobnail design is one of the oldest and most classic tetsubin designs, favored by many for its simple beauty. This large pot has a 29 ounce capacity, enough for several servings of tea. Iwachu is one of the finest and most respected manufacturers of Japanese ironware, with a company history of over 100 years. Today, craftsmen at Iwachu pay respect to this tradition by infusing each product with skilled precision and detail throughout the entire manufacturing process. The superior quality, beauty and lasting durability of Iwachu products have earned them the worldwide reputation as the leading manufacturer of authentic Japanese tetsubin.

TOWA Workshop Tetsubin Teapot Cast Iron Japanese Style Hobnail 44OZ for Tea Brewing by TOWA Workshop

  • GIFT - Great gift for Dad, Mom, Friends, Family, Wedding And Tea...
  • MASTERFUL DESIGN - The lid is made of copper, let the user do not...
  • CAST IRON TEAPOT -The gradual and even heating from the cast iron...


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Product Description

Use and Maintenance
1、When first use, put 5-10 grams of tea into the iron pot and brewing for about 10 minutes.
A tannin film will cover the inside of the pot, which is the reaction of tannin from tea leaves and Fe2+ from iron pot, will protect the pot from rusting and remove the odor of new pot.
Pour away the water when boiled, then repeat brewing 2-3 times untile the water is clear.
2、Every time after uses, do not forget to empty the pot. Take the lid off when drying, the remaining water will slowly be evaporated.
3、Please do not wash or rub the teapot inside or outside with a sponge, detergent, brush or cleaning implement.You may polish the surface of the teapot with a lightly squeezed soft cloth, which has been soaked with tea as this will help to keep it looking glossy.


Nuovo Tea "Tetsubin" (Japanese Cast Iron Teapots)


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Old Dutch 1022MB Matte Black Cast Iron Saga Teapot 52 Oz. by Rakuten.com

Cast Iron "Saga" Teapot -Matte Black finish. A graceful, elegant cast iron Tetsubin teapot, inspired by highly prized antique Japanese cast iron teapots still in use today. Features a black porcelain enamel interior coating that helps prevent rust. Includes a stainless steel tea brewing basket for ease of preparation. For brewing and serving tea; Not intended for stovetop use. 52 oz. capacity. Hand Wash Depth: 7 1/2" Height: 8 1/2" Width: 8"


Old Dutch 005MO Moss Green Cast Iron Positivity Teapot 26 Oz. by Rakuten.com

Unity Cast Iron "Positivity" Teapot - Moss Green Finish. Graceful, elegant cast iron Tetsubin teapot crafted in the Japanese style Inspired by highly prized antique Japanese cast iron teapots still in use today. Features a black enamel interior Coated that helps prevent rust Includes a stainless steel tea brewing basket for ease of preparation For brewing and serving tea. Not intended for stovetop use. 26 Oz. capacity Hand Wash Depth: 7 .75" Height: 5 1/2" Width: 8 3/4"


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Old Dutch International Tetsubin 0.81-qt. Placidity Teapot Lavender http://t.co/T38I6Fq1Gx http://t.co/qwKwGWcxrJ 07/06/15, @enriqva
Old Dutch International Tetsubin 0.81-qt. Placidity Teapot Green http://t.co/nns6faqOcx http://t.co/dFS2Lmh0nz 07/06/15, @enriqva
Check out Japanese Tetsubin Cast iron Teapot 1.5L capacity with Stainless steel infuser http://t.co/yR4O4Efkq8 via @eBay 07/04/15, @esquireattire


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Tetsubin Teapot

Cast Iron Tetsubin teapots and tea sets from China and Japan. Shop online or visit our store in Towson MD.

Tetsubin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tetsubin (鉄瓶) are Japanese cast iron pots having a pouring spout, a lid, and a handle crossing over the top, used for boiling and pouring hot water for drinking ...

Cast Iron Teapot | Japanese style Tetsubin teapot & kettles

Colourful tetsubin teapots are made from high quality cast iron. Japanese style designs.

Photo by robin mair on Flickr
A cereamic teapot
A cereamic teapot
A ceramic teapot tetsubin style.
Photo by chadao on Flickr
inside my tetsubin teapot
inside my tetsubin teapot
A tetsubin teapot
Photo by Joe Lencioni on Flickr
Tetsubin Teapot - Shimizu - Natural
Tetsubin Teapot - Shimizu - Natural
Tetsubin Teapot - Kyoto - Natural
Tetsubin Teapot - Kyoto - Natural
Tetsubin Teapot - Kyoto - Red
Tetsubin Teapot - Kyoto - Red

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