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Jenaer Glas Teapot "Miko" with Stainless Steel Strainer (83oz) by Miko

  • Made / supplied by: Trendglas Jena


Product Description

Tea can and lid made of heat resistant glass (Jenaer Glass). Tea pot in a classical shape from Jenaer Glas design. Volume: 2,0L (83oz) Size: H 176 / W 278 / L 180 mm (6.9/ 17 / 7") heat resistant up to 300°C (570°F) glass is micro wave safe absolutely tasteless special glass does not release any materials - ideal for allergy sufferers does not change colour and is easy to clean no sudden changes of temperature - i.e. directly from oven to freezer

Product Description

Sugar and cream set Miko as the perfect supplement of each tea service;This attractive and practical accessory completes each teatime perfectly;Suitable for the Trendglas Jena teacups Miko and the teapot Miko;The glass is heat resistant, dishwasher safe and microwaveable;Total volume: 0.2 litres

Using Teapots : Glass Teapots

Glass teapots are useful for brightly colored and flowered teas. Learn to use a glass teapot with tips from a tea lounge owner in this free tea brewing video.

Award-Winning German Glass for the Kitchen

Lately we've all been obsessed with German heat-resistant kitchen glass (Margot just bought the glass water kettle as a gift). German chemist Otto Schott, son of a window maker, developed heat-resistant borosilicate glass in 1893, and in Jena , a glassmaking hub and university town, went on to found Jenaer Glas, known for its designs by Wilhelm Wagenfeld ("Glass is the... Jenaer Glas stopped production in 2005, but the pieces are still being made under the brand name Trendglas Jena. Source: Remodelista


  • Teapot Cake

    pound cake, food coloring, frosting, food coloring

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Trendglas JENA

In 2005 production was abandoned at the company Schott Jenaer Glas ... The Trendglas Jena GmbH ... the SOLO line the title ‘Teapot of the Year’ at ...

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Lighting teapot from Trendglas - one of the News 2015 Creating a lovely and intimate atmosphere, teapots with internal lights will be novel optical highlights in your ...

Most of our teaware (a few are in a couple other places, like my yixing teapot and my cast iron teapot), ready and waiting for us. Sorry for semi-crappy quality; iPhone photo. :)
Photo by vociferous. on Flickr
trendglas JENA teapot with lid and glass strainer
trendglas JENA teapot with lid and glass strainer
Trendglas® PRETTY Teapot with glass strainer
Trendglas® PRETTY Teapot with glass strainer
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Teapot SOMA with lid and plastic strainer, 600 ml (trendglas Jena)
Teapot SOMA with lid and plastic strainer, 600 ml (trendglas Jena)