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Lenox French Perle Tea Set, 7-piece, White by Lenox

  • 7 pieces tea set (9 pieces with the Lids). Only available in white.
  • The rims feature a hand-applied tea stain finish.
  • Made of durable stoneware. Dishwasher & Microwave Safe



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A complete tea set, with a 48 oz teapot, 2 cups, 2 saucers, a creamer and a sugar, perfectly blend classic and contemporary styling. It makes a beautiful centerpiece for an afternoon party and a great gift. Crafted of elegant stoneware, this essential addition to the French Perle Collection will help you to brew up many good times!

Beautiful Decorative Victorian White Ceramic Tea Service 3-piece Set with Teapot, Milk Jug, Sugar Bowl by JustNile

  • Makes a great addition to any kitchen for form as well as function.
  • A 3-piece afternoon tea set consisting of a teapot, sugar bowl and...
  • Made of ceramic in an elegant, vintage, victorian design of twirls...


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Product Description

A beautiful white 3-piece ceramic tea service set consisting of a teapot, a sugar bowl and a milk jug. The intricate designs on all 3 pieces are exquisite and with twirls and scallops that are classically European in design. This tea service set would make a great addition to any kitchen and is so ideal for inviting guests to a cosy tea party on any given afternoon. Your party will be served in elegant Victorian style. The capacity of the teapot is around 28.7oz, the sugar bowl 11.8oz and the milk jug 11.8oz respectively. Both the teapot and sugar bowl has outstanding matching covers that adds to the elegance of each piece and the set as a whole.